10,000 Losses

The All Time Record and Counting.

The Phillies were the first professional team to reach 10,000 losses all time.

Wins:  9,391
Losses:  10,462

Current as of 1/1/14

Loss 10,000 came on July 15, 2007, losing 10-2 to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Initial stats prior to 2005 compiled from baseball-reference.com. 2005 season to present, record is updated periodically.

*I now update the record once a year.

Note: The Phillies started that season with 9956 losses. At some point during the season before July 17th, one loss was removed from the record in 1890 (was 78-54, now 78-53). As of this update, the manager records and losing pitcher records still reflect the loss while the team record does not. This would make the 6-3 loss on July 7, 2007 at Colorado the 10,000 loss. Conspiracy anyone?

Old Note: There is some conflicting information out there. The Phillies website includes the records from the Worcester Brown Stockings (1880-1882) which would make the Phillies 7-1 loss to the Boston Red Sox on June 25, 2005 the 10,000th loss. (This has since been removed from the Phillies history on their website)

From the Phillies Official Website:
No one could have realized it at the time, but when the Phillies were formed in 1883, history was in the making. Now, as the 21st century begins, the Phillies are the oldest, continuous, one-name, one-city franchise in all of professional sports.

The original Phillies began when the Worcester Ruby Legs were disbanded and the franchise was moved by the National League to Philadelphia. Al Reach, who in 1866 had become the first professional baseball player and was later a successful sporting goods dealer, became the Phillies first owner along with attorney John Rogers. Reach named the team the Phillies, a take-off on the team’s geographic roots, “Philly.”

The first Phillies game was played May 1, 1883 at Recreation Park on the corner of 24th Street and Ridge Avenue with the club losing 4-3 to the Providence Grays.

So which is the correct number? It is hard to say. The only thing for certain is the Phillies are the first to reach this ridiculous number of losses.