Born and Raised and Ashamed of it

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Subject: Born and Raised and Ashamed of it


After spending 25 years in this squalid cesspool of a city, I want out. Here’s why:

  • Dirty sidewalks and streets in every neighborhood.
  • 99% of these people are degenerates.
  • 100% of those degenerates are so goddamn rude.
  • Crime is high (robberies, murder, you name it).
  • The city Cops are assholes (but then again all Cops everywhere are assholes).
  • Taxes (sales, property, business privilege, etc.) are higher than anywhere else in Klansylvania.
  • Weather is awful (it’s NEVER fucking sunny in Philadelphia).

I’m sure I forgot a few things, but I think I’ve made my point. Also, I have an abhorrence for Manayunk/Roxborough, where nearly everyone is a teenage-parent-white-trash-party-animal-dropout. All along Ridge Ave. I see these teenyboppers pushing their bastard babies around in strollers. Prove me wrong.

When I leave, it will be someplace far away in the U.S. and I don’t plan on returning.

Truly Yours,
Voting Tax Payer

3 Responses to Born and Raised and Ashamed of it

  1. Krista says:

    I’m with you. Who would burn a little kids playground? Or a park of any kind? Only assholes in Philly.

    Have you EVER heard of anything like this???!!! I hate Philly! Thank God I’m leaving in a couple of weeks. So many ignorant, nasty people. This is such a depressing place.

    Forever not yours,

  2. Recently Ex-Philadelphia says:

    We just left three weeks ago for California and I can tell you that in three weeks, we’ve completely written off Philadelphia. The differences between a city that promotes kindness and prosperity versus a city that allows crime and cynicism is like night and day. It’s a shame too; Philly had it’s moments.

  3. Recent Visitor says:

    I visited Philly first time last week. I sort of felt the same way. Can you believe this feeling comes from a NYC resident?

    I thought it was so weird and I didn’t want to leave a false image of this city; so I googled it and stumbled upon this website. Largely I agree.. people in Philly are rude and argumentative. Only Indian/Parkistani in NYC fall in such a category. And so many neglected poverty and people don’t seem to care; especially those young college kids studying at Drexel or U Penn.

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