Just one question

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Subject: Just one question

Hello all you fantastic Philadelphia haters,

If a philly couple gets divorced, are they still brother and sister? (or brother and brother/sister and sister) …cue the duelling banjos. Seriously Philadelphians, research has shown that after just a few generations of inbreeding offspring can often be…, well, quite “Philadelphian” in nature. For everone that’s not from philly, if you ever feel way down and consider ending it all just remember, YOUR not from philly! :) If you are from there, do us a small favour and end it quickly. Do us another small favour and take a loved one with you.

All the best to everyone who isn’t a Philadelphian.


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  1. expat says:

    Word, in Kensington/Port Richmond 80% of the people look like they come from 1 of 6 very close family groups.

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