Thank God for this site

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Subject: Thank God for this site

I’m a transplant from Chicago and can honestly say that after five years of living here, I’m moving on. Every city has it’s pros and cons, but Philadelphia gave up a long time ago. Not only does this city brag about being the highest ignorance level they also take pride on having a small town, uncultured, unworldly perspective on anything outside the city (or even the neighborhood they live in).

This is a city where everyone is born, raised, and dies here. The locals have no social skills which exemplifies why they continue to stay friends with everyone from elementary, high school, and college (if they even make it that far). Nobody in this city knows how to function outside of dysfunctional relationships, and nobody has work ethic in the surrounding area which explains why the employment and pay is amazing here. Upon moving here I was shocked at how well the jobs pay and how quickly I received the job. After living here over a year I soon realized that it’s because the entitled locals strive on laziness and a typical blue collar attitude.

North, West, Southwest, and South Philly is primarily a shit wreck and just needs to be knocked down and restructured. Northeast Philly is completely surrounded with a disturbing amount of white trash. Center City has no parking (and when you do you get a ticket), it’s creepy quiet during the week and crammed full of locals during the weekend fighting, stumbling in front of your car, talking shit, and littering.

Nobody in Philly knows the words “please”, “thank you”, or any other type of common courtesy, nor does anyone know how to dress and take pride in appearance here. Manayunk looks cute and quaint on the outside, but get alcohol in them and you will find the women are total loose bitches, and the men are arrogant ass holes. If everyone here spent as much time investing in being nice, taking pride in themselves, and stopped throwing trash out the window as much as they invest in the shitty sports teams this place would be amazing.

Rude, arrogant, ignorant, self centered, uncultured druggies is composed of 99% of the population here. If I met one normal person in this city without a preconceived notion I would probably shit myself and have a heart attack. Dating is horrendous and the gay community has one of the highest HIV rates in the country with the most caddy and destructive attitudes.

If you have any level or education and know how to function in society stay the hell away from here. I will give Philly this…the food is AMAZING but aside from that come here for the weekend, get fucked up, go clubbing, get a cheesesteak, and go the hell home.

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  1. Gregory says:

    man fuck philly.. i live here i was a dependent of my father who was in philly. ive been around the world and this place is the worst. the people dont know shit and they are happy being dumb and un educated. the girls are sluts and they think there not. the gay people are to flamming. fuck philly the eagles suck the philles suck and the so called fly guys are ass. fuck philly this city is called the city of brotherly loved. this place needs to be the place that was and fucking blowin da fuck up. being a black guy they treat their own ppl like shit too. i mean what the fuck why cant they better themselves ,? oh ya this is all they no. to be shit.. SHITADELPIA… FUCK PHILLY.. the murder rate is almost higher than last year and we only a little bit more of half the fucking year over.. i hope this place is blown and renewed with new better ppl. shit even the mayor suck.. and they got to many fight ppl who just fucking eat and eat. go shoot yourselves.. fucl heads and learn how to fucking talk what the fuck is a jawn it iz not a fucking noun… “dickhead” go get educated u dumb fucks. PHILadelphia is the Worst. i warn whoever goes there

    • Mooseknuckle says:

      I find it mildly amusing that this idiot Gregory complains about the “dumb and un educated” in the city when this dude can’t even figure out the difference between “there” and “they’re”. The rest of his rant is a bunch of misspelled nonsense that one almost needs an interpreter to get through.

      Before bitching about the uneducated, one would be wise to gain an education first.

    • philly native says:

      you got some nerve calling the people of philadelphia uneducated after that rant you posted. next time use spell check before you post dumb ass. as for your feelings about philly? good, fuck you. we dont like you either faggot.

    • This largely negative view of Philadelphia is true even now in Jan. 2017. I am not ashamed to make a huge disconnect between Philadelphia’s people and myself. If it were not for historic and artistic traditions in Philadelphia, as a city of civility and sophistication, it would count for naught.
      Greg Muller

  2. Andrew says:

    im moving next week closer to NYC :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have to say that this is the worst thing i have read in my life. Really? Philadelphia is full of ignorant people, well you certainly are acting like one. Every city has bad things; but you have just taken it overboard. I am repulsed at the comments people have to say about Philadelphia, if you have a problem then move or suck it up. Stop complaining because someone did not say thank you, well if you had a different attitude people would treat you differently. Not all women are loose whores, maybe that is all you can attract because a woman with self esteem does not want to settle for trash like you.
    Someone who has lived in Philadelphia for ten years.
    Ps. It is people like you who give a bad name to Philadelphia

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re just mad that your sorry punk ass can’t get a job outside of your shitty fucking town. Philly is the biggest pile of steaming shit on the Atlantic coast and you fucking know it, and so does everyone else. The people with half a brain have been evacuating Philly at a rapid pace for 15+ years, only to be slightly offset by the influx of naive job seekers lured in by the inbred, mouth-breathing, lard asses that remain behind. Guess what that makes you?

      Philly is a shit hole.

  4. Andrew says:

    You know, I gotta say that I really did underestimate Philadelphia. Every city has its crappy areas and goofball people. I’ve been here in the NJ/NYC area for about a month and a half and I’m ready to go back. It’s way too stressful and busy in NYC and hard to find cool chill places to go and hang out. In Philly, you have the little shops by South Street (comic book store, vintage store, little eateries) then the huge Xfinity Live, sports games all the time, great malls in the bucks county and south jersey areas whereas here in NJ/NYC, you gotta look hard or take the train. In my 25 year life, I now have an appreciation for Philly.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ha! How amusing it is to read nonsense from Philly defenders- clearly you’re trying to make yourselves feel better about living there. I agree with the original posters that Philly is a shit town, and forever will be. Now go on and feed you faces with the most disgusting ‘gastronomy’ invention ever created: cheese steaks. And then take the Septa bus for one stop (I saw this with my own eyes) because you’re too fat to walk a block.

    • DisgustedIndian says:

      @Anonymous – Right on!!! There are many “Philly defenders” who are trying to save some face by telling us things like: Looky here we have Wells Fargo/Lincoln financial sports complex, we have restaurants/museums blah blah blah…well, we all know all that! Thats what I was initially very fascinated by! But guess how surprised and shocked I was when I discovered the people were shitty!! Racist, mean, arrogant, filthy, foul-mouthed to the core, even the ladies have shit-smeared tongues and shit-for-brains..Somebody has said it well..Filthadelphians do not want to make friends with you: they just check you out/observe you closely and then start using foul language against you to get a rise out of you and start a fight!!

  6. DisgustedIndian says:

    Hello All!! 3 and 1/2 years in Philly so far..moved here from DC in mid-2009 with about the same impression everyone else is only a 2.5 hours drive from DC..about 1.5 hours drive from Baltimore and 2 hours from NYC, so how different can it be? I found out!! As a man of Indian origin (India is my home country and I am NOT from a tribe or reservation), at first I was fascinated by The Franklin Instt., Museum of Art, Mutter Museum, Eastern State Penitentiary and blah blah blah…and of course, like some else has said: it is very cheap here and the PAY is mighty good!! NOW, I have understood WHY the pay is so good: the LOCALS are idiots and assholes…I work at a major defense company and majority of the IT techies are OLD and due to retire soon…They are NOT finding ANY young people who would get on board as techies…cos most of the young people are third-rate jerks..and NO ONE is willing to move into this area and it is a fact. While I moved in here, I found the children of the veteran employees are on an exodus out of here and are moving into DC! How Ironic! And at the expense of severe embarrassment let me narrate the bunch of names I have been called right here at the workplace, at the gym, at the pubs, at the mall, restaurants etc…: when I am clean-shaven I am a HO/GAY HO/HOMO, when I have a little bit of a moustache/beard I am an ASSHOLE/TURD/NASTY/DISGUSTING….and an exclamation of “EWWW” is what I hear frequently from blacks and whites alike. And sure, if I have a fully grown beard I am a TERRORIST! Even the blacks, most of whom are Muslim (and I am NOT Muslim; I am a Hindu but atheist for the most part) call me TERRORIST…I am shocked that the BLACK SHIT call me TURD! SICK SICK SICK, PERVERTED, TWISTED, FREAK-SHOWS themselves – thats what Philadelphians are..The kind who are secretly paedophile and would not hesitate to molest or rape a kid if they could get away with it! And dont be fooled by the beautiful suburbs like KOP, Malvern, Plymouth Meeting…Just go there and you will find out they are NO different out there..This is serious because I am now desperate not only to go back to DC but also to get the hell outta town – ANYWHERE but Philly man! Somebody get me outta here!! If this post was not enough, go to another website called “” and read more. Ask yourself why are there multiple websites dedicated to hate posts on Philadelphia? And there is not a single website that hates any other comparable town such as Chicago, NYC, DC, LA, Minneapolis, etc etc….WHY do transplants hate this town?

  7. Diverse Nigwisht says:

    Hours of Work in Philly – Reading Terminal Market

    Is RTM a bank? They keep bankers hours. I comprehend why the Amish open Wednesday to Saturday and close early. I do. It’s their lifestyle and mantra.

    What I don’t understand are the non-Amish who close at 5 PM (many stores) when most people are still at work. That being said, most Philadelphians wear the 60 to 80 hr work week like a badge of honor (another topic called Working in Philly) and cannot get to the chicken vendor or meat counter before it closes.

    Now if you are lucky enough to get to RTM by a quarter to six, don’t expect any vendor to still be open. It seems that similar to the restaurants closing a half hour early, so do the vendors and kiosks at RTM. By 5:30 PM, most meats are covered and/or put away. They begin to Windex (yes, Windex) the counters, and should you get there at 5 minutes to 6, heaven forbid should they go ALL THE WAY TO THE BACK in order for you to increase their revenues. Imagine that, refusing sales? Really?

    I thanked a meat vendor next to a produce market for being open after 5 PM. He mentioned that other vendors approached him so that they would all close at 5 PM so that there would be some uniformity. Uniformity? Sounds like an attempt at oligarchic collusion to me.

    If the owners were at all businesses in RTM, they would not be closing early (or perhaps after time, they’d be muscled into doing it too, who knows). One thing is certain here in Philadelphia, if you don’t drink the Kool-Aid in the city of BROTHERLY love, you don’t drink at all because your brothers will let you die of thirst. And all are unapologetic for it. No remorse, no manners, no flexibility.

    No initiative from the front counter employees. Makes you wonder how they will influence the hard working Mexicans who are in the back. They brought a solid work ethic to Philly, which I am afraid will be contaminated over the next generation or two.

    Sad, and pathetic.

  8. philadelphia says:

    You’re all just a bunch of whiney antisocial babies. Philly is a world class city. This country was founded here! I’m a life long resident and current law school student, so don’t question my intelligence. I am so sick of hearing you people’s pathetic whining.This city is amazing. I currently live in Camden. Before you hate on Philly, try living in this misery factory. There are much worse places than Philly and if you have a problem with the city you should look in the mirror before you start pointing fingers at the first thing you see.

  9. jbird says:

    I fucking hate this city, i am originally from long island NY border of queens, fucking loved it there, times got tough but there were people to help you out. I moved to Philly to be with my girlfriend and daughter. Since day one i have hated this city I’ve been here only a year and a half, and i would rather live in Kuwait, Baghdad
    Anywhere else but here. Every part of this city is a shithole, to people who are from here ( philly) i could really care less, outside of my girlfriend and two of her friends this city should be burned and taken away from our country. If our founding fathers could see what this city has become they would be ashamed, if martin luther king jr could see how black people acted he would give up. Philly has the best collection f white trash anywhere, id rather stick my dick with a rusty nail than touch anyone here. This city is like aids on the face of America, its so shitty that its even void of the wrath of god because living here is within itself is fucked. I hate philly and hope a natural disaster comes and wipes it away with that stupid bell. To philly defenders your city is shit, it ranks highest in everything you wanna hate about a place, and quite possibly the shittiest mayor in existence

  10. jbird says:

    As for philly being a world class city, what class the only good thing to come from philly is kevin bacon, for being a law student and as smart as you say you are you don’t have the fucking sense to move somewhere nice. Your city sucks, its full of racist uneducated people. Oh yeah philly you ever here of a treadmill, stop eating and getting morbidly obese. Granted its a founding city, it in no way is close to boston or new york, it is like the family member you wish was dead, or would kill yourself. Just remember philly rhymes with shitty.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Philly and 30 mile radius. Stay away, go live somewhere else. You’ve been warned.

  12. 3rd Yr says:

    Philadelphia has a lot of problems and most of them are of its own making, some of them mentioned here like the inability to attract young intelligent professionals is somewhat influenced by geography. In a land where the financial industry, government, and manufacturing used to attract a great berth of professionals, manufacturing has sadly fallen by the wayside – arguably Philadelphia was a strong manufacturing city. Because there is a prevalent attitude of ignoring reality, living in the past, and falling back on laurels long forgotten by others, Philadelphia has stagnated. Combine a culture where no one cares about the city itself with a corrupt government you have a recipe for disaster. I suppose what the transplants are trying to communicate and the natives don’t want to hear is that other cities have fallen on rough times and have evolved – Philadelphia has CHOSEN not to – I point to the comments from natives stating “good, leave” or “we don’t want you anyway”. The first step to making yourself obsolete is to scare away any ideas differing from yours. I believe there have been a number of comments about the rampant racism in this city – I wholeheartedly agree. I actually have had a black Muslim spit at me on my way home because I deigned to walk through his very loud and quite racist lecture – it is the sidewalk, I would love to know where he wanted to me to walk, the street? thankfully I was raised in a household that understands that one person does not speak for all and I know and have worked with a number of very kind and intelligent black Muslims but I can’t deny it damaged my opinion of the city on the whole. For the city of brotherly love most of the population vacillates between open disdain and cancerous apathy. The impression I’ve gotten – we’re all just waiting for a paycheck, maybe popping out a couple kids, and as long as the world keeps turning and we have food why change? I’m sorry but that is NOT a world class city – that is just sad.

  13. Freedom! says:

    Wow! This was my post from nearly eight months ago, and I totally forgot about it until I checked my old email and not only found several comments on this site, I found several hate emails too. How exciting!! Glad to say that shortly after posting this I left the whole shit state of Pennsylvania. Currently living in Chicago and love every minute of it. New York, D.C., and Chicago will always be some of my favorites, but Philadelphia ranks on the bottom for sure. For the locals? You can continue to defend the rat hole which is your city, and continue to take pride in your crap sports teams, foul mouthed locals, and the fact that you’re all a bunch of slobs. Just keep in mind that at the end of the day you are still second, no…third, no…hmm come to think of it I don’t think you rank for shit aside from the amazing food in the city. Worst experience of my life living their and will never do it again. The one thing I learned about Philly was that you become so miserable while living their that once you leave everywhere else seems amazing! It’s actually refreshing to know that the locals showed me how much life really DOESN’T suck outside of Philly, and it’s an amazing growing experience. Peace out fuckers!

  14. Diverse Nigwisht says:

    Glad you got out. Chicago is awesome.

    Check out this site when you have a few minutes to spare:


  15. Tasha Giles says:

    Nobody in Philly knows the words “please”, “thank you”, or any other type of common courtesy, nor does anyone know how to dress and take pride in appearance here. Manayunk looks cute and quaint on the outside, but get alcohol in them and you will find the women are total loose bitches, and the men are arrogant ass holes. If everyone here spent as much time investing in being nice, taking pride in themselves, and stopped throwing trash out the window as much as they invest in the shitty sports teams this place would be amazing.

  16. Syncear says:

    I love Philly and all the grimey shit it has to offer. All that shit yall complaining about might be true. But in comparison to most city’s this city is fun and exciting. The real people that come through these strets Dont have no problems. If you can make it here you can make it anywhere. Thats why why so much talent comes from here. Actors rappers singers musicians and athletes.. Fuck the liberty bell love park south st the platt the museums Kelly drive all the surrounding parks and cool hang out spots. Philly is a small big city. If you Dont like it you probably can’t take the pressure of the real shit that goes on daily. Shit get real out here baby! Chalk that shit up. If you scared get a dog or move out the city. I’m a real Philly nigga I hate the same shit everybody else hate about Philly! But I love it for the same reasons! Home of the gangsters and mobsters. We take shit we make shit we break shit we create shit! Only the realest survive! #phl4life

  17. 215ALLDAYBITCHES!!! says:

    OH MY GOD!! Y’ALL ARE THE MOST INSECURE, WEAK, PATHETIC, SOFT SKINNED MUTHAFUCKAS THAT HAS EVER SAID TO LIVE OR BEEN IN THIS CITY!! First of all, people here are strong-minded, meaning we don’t put up with any fake ass smiles and thank you other cities give you, we take care of our own shit meaning we don’t give a fuck about YOU because we also go through a lot of shit in our lives. But y’all would rather bitch and complain about a city online but ain’t strong enough to go through what this tough city is all about. I’ve met some of the most toughest people from people that live in places like Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Jacksonville, St. Louis and other cities and have told me that people from Philly are strong and resilient. I bet that the ones that complains are college students or people that have never lived harshly or never met REAL PEOPLE! Y’ALL NEED TO GET A FUCKING LIFE LMMFAO! I WAS BORN AND RAISED HERE CURRENTLY LIVING IN MINNESOTA AND THE PEOPLE OUT HERE ARE FAKE AS HELL!!!! I MISS MY CITY! FUCK Y’ALL WHINING, NO LIFE HAVING ASS BITCHES LOL!

    • anonymous says:

      I did live a very harsh life here, and sadly it’s niggers like you to blame. I have been planning to get away from thisgod forsakin sitty a long time and now is the chance. In that case fuck you stupid nigger!

      • Jamaal says:

        Well that kind of makes our point then doesn’t it? given a choice, who would want to be in the city you just described? And how is Philly resilient? You do realize resilient means to overcome hardship, not succumb to it and embrace it? Oh, and all cities have “rough neighborhoods” especially Chicago, look it up. It more about the overall attitude of anyone from Philly and/or Philly supporters. They are intolerant and small minded. Its a shame because most of my family has fallen to that sickness. Luckily I escaped. Don’t be in denial, it is what it is. Embrace it, and take Camden with you too.

        And any racist comments are unnecessary and just an indictment on your own personality and locale. That shit isn’t the problem, it is the people who are willing to use such hateful verbiage.

  18. Johnson says:

    You think Philly is bad?

    Try Vegas….

    Its a dried up version of Philly, only with casinos and desert landscape.

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