Horrible Phatadelphia Vive

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Subject: Horrible Phatadelphia Vive

Let me bash LACK of style of Phatadelphians.

Muffin tops with stretch marks.
Tan lines with strapless dresses.
Flip-flops with fleece sweaters.
Wearing pajamas and slippers to the lab or class.
Expensive jeans not hemmed for flats scraping the dirt form the sidewalk.
These are many examples of how horribly the women of Philadelphia dress. I am absolutely certain that the TV show “What Not to Wear” can film at a minimum 30 to 40 episodes in Phatadelphia.
I cannot even forgive the students who study in Philly for their lack of style. Even students I believe should learn the basics in how to present themselves in public.
And please don’t tell me ladies that your feet hurt and that is why you wear $2 flip-flops with expensive dresses. You do more harm to your feet by switching from those heels that kill your feet to the other extreme; flats with no support. Even I know that, and I am a heterosexual male.
I was at Christian and 9th Street one day eating at Sabrina’s, and my friend saw a horrific look on my face. I told them that I was absolutely disgusted to see the FOUR, yes FOUR bridesmaids all wearing strapless dresses but having white tan lines. I believe it is an insult to the bride by not paying enough attention to your skin by having tan lines in what will be a photo that will be cherished forever by the bride. Am I the only one who thinks it is insulting to the bride & groom?
Now imagine my surprise when a Philadelphian told me that tan lines were sexy. Sexy? In what country? “How are tan lines sexy?” I asked her. To that she replied, “It shows they were in the sun and probably have color.”
Hmmmmmm……..I”m not buying it. It is wrong no matter what.
Now my biggest pet peeve is the following. Women who pay over $160 for a pair of jeans at Charlie’s, hemmed for their heels, but wearing them with flats and scraping up the dog urine, spit, soda, and Wawa iced tead from the sidewalks. When I asked a woman why she didn’t hem them for her flats, she cried out “I paid almost $200 for these jeans, I can’t afford two pairs.”
Really? Really my little princess whose parents paid your tuition? You fly to Mexico for Spring Break, live in 19107, and are telling me you cannot afford a second pair of jeans? Yet your toes are perfectly pedicured every week?
The money is there, student or not. But I have seen more style from poor Italians in Napoli than rich Philadelphians.
I guess at the end of the day, I should lower my standards for the women of Philadelphia. My expectations are high for what is the 5th largest city in the richest country in the world. Unfortunately, with very few exceptions (and they are usually from Europe or via NYC), they all lack fashion savvy.
And this is just the beginning. I haven’t even begun with the other fashion faux-pas.

Holy Shit!
Who ever said that it was OK for women to display their bras in Philly? Is it too much to ask that your shirt strap covers the bra strap. I can understand if the two straps are lined up and they separate a bit, but come on! Showing the bra on the side of your breast under a loose top is a huge fashion faux-pas. And a cross back support on your top with a regular strap bra is a no-no too.
And just because you wear flip-flops in the city does not mean you can wear a bikini to match. Save it for the beach. In the name of the fashion gods, please learn how to dress Philly women. UGH! I think I am going to puke!

3 Responses to Horrible Phatadelphia Vive

  1. Bunch of black holes in the hearts of philadelpians snatch kids like hostages throw them in homes with demons who like to take childhoods away then throw them in trash cans

  2. No good city who don’t care for human life destroys my life behind yall evilness look in homeless behind what this city did.

  3. Oh yea i don’t forget i was two when the devil came and snatched me

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