Online Liar From Croydon Pa-Philadelphia!!

From: [email protected]
Subject: Online Liar From Croydon Pa-Philadelphia!!

I met a woman on a chat site back in August 2012. I am from Somerset County Pa which is considered western Pa and about 3.5-4 hours from this evil place. I was led to believe that this woman who told me was 25, a registered nurse at Philadelphia Childrens Hospital (CHOP), had a son, had an abusive ex named Brian that was stalking her, was knocked out and raped by this ex and that was how she wound up pregnant, had a sister that was murdered as she was beaten to death by an abusive ex herself, had a miscarriage after carrying 5 months, and a few other horrific tales to the mix. Well, in November, I was at my best friends house and his wife wanted to know details of this woman. She then asked if she had facebook?? I said I think she does but I was not sure(I had an account but was not a facebook junkie)? So, she looked her name up. I leave and get home. Get out of the shower and my iphone is ringing. Guess who? My buddy!! He said, you better check this woman out as I think she is lying to you about who she is and it looks like she has a guy in Michigan thinking he is going to marry her. I was like what??? I said send me the link. I logged into my facebook and accepted the link my buddies wife sent. I could not believe it. I talked to this woman on the phone daily. We were on terms of sharing personal feelings and I left her know things about me only a wife should know. I confronted her. She was full of nothing but 4 letter words and I am going to kill him notations. I was trying to figure this whole thing out without losing my cool. I said, get on skype asap!! She eventually told me that her talking to this guy in Michigan was a front to make Brian(the abuser) lay off her back and keep him off the trail that she was talking to me. I was skeptical but still gave the benefit of the doubt as I am a man that tries to see the good in ppl. While this was all going down, days past and my buddies wife was doing some online research of this woman. She called me and asked if I had anything that was out of the ordinary sent to me that might help to confirm this woman was who she said she was as when you googled her name, you got a myspace and facebook page hit and that was it. No other trace of the name. I said sure, I think I have an email that oddly hits my iphone as Kate J. I told my buddies wife that it looks like the start of the last name. Maybe you can check it out and see if a reverse email hit comes up. Within 2o minutes, I had a name, address, phone number to her house and parents’ names, her real facebook, where she worked, and other info all courtesy of my buddies wife getting on!! Everything was right there in her email!!! I held my tongue until skype that night!! Kate gets on and is on webcam dancing in a thong after her shower and I just felt guilt hit!! I said Kate, stop!! Sit down and relax I need to talk to you. Right away, she was grilling me. What do I know? I said Kate, I have been 100% honest with you since day one. We need to talk. She asked me again, what do you know? I said Kate, I know who you are. She said Dustin, you know who I am I told you. I said no, I know your real last name. It is not what you told me it was. She said well then, what is it? I said I know it starts with a J.!! She said no it doesn’t!! I said I know your last name. She said what is it then? I spelled it out on text in my skype box. She turned white as a ghost and used the “F” word several times. Rather amusing catching an online liar. She did not talk to me for 20 minutes. Laid on her bed watching TV, playing some rap music, and eating a bowl of cereal. I was very, very unhappy but kept my cool waiting for answers. Nothing. I went to bed and basically was calling it quits that night. Well, it wasn’t enough. I needed more answers. 3 days later, I contacted Kate on text and told her I was sorry. I really was feeling bad about busting her like I did and wanted to make amends and at the same time wanted her to admit that who she said she was for 3 months to me was in fact a lie. Speed things up. She was to come see me 4 times through January. Everytime and excuse. Car wreck that her ex man ran her off the road in, hit by her ex, a court hearing with her ex that left me from hearing from her from 8 am til 930 pm that night in a sickening worry that something happened to her causing a blowup between me and my father, and her using her son as an excuse claiming she would come if her mom could watch her son. Guess she couldn’t as she was a no show that day too. I started to become very skeptical by mid January 2013.
Mid month, I finally got Kate to admit who she was. I thought honesty is finally coming out of this womans mouth.
I thought wow, she is coming around. Admitted her real name, her mom and dad, her place of employment, and a couple other things that I had grilled her on over the months that she came clean on. I thought things were great after all the work. Boy was I wrong. The near future was about to unfold some very interesting facts. Super bowl Sunday!! I am at my friends house and at a party. I get a text from Kate, don’t worry about getting on skype when you get home, I will be in bed. I thought that was rather odd. I said ok, whatever. I will be home at 12 and I need to get to bed too. I texted her goodnight back. I come home and shower then hit the sack for the night. 3:30am, my phone tells me i have a text. It’s Kate. She was in a frenzy because I didn’t call her when I got home. Did she not say that she would be in bed? I didn’t call her out of respect and decency!! Guess they don’t know what that means in Philly?? Anyway, the next day comes and I get on the chat site we met on in August to see what is new. Wouldn’t you know it, Kate messaged me on there at 11:30 AM on Super Bowl Sunday while I was working at my part time weekend job. I thought hmm?? who would she be talking to online at 11:30 am? I looked at the guy in Michigan she was talking to back in November and what do you know, he made a facebook post at that exact time!! Suspicion sets in!! I bit my tongue and just blew it off thinking it was just bad timing and she wasn’t talking to him. Well, i have an office job in the week at my regular job and my laptop is on my desk. I keep my skype status to invisible. Guess who logged in at 1:40 pm while i was at work? Kate!! I was about to say hi but said hmm?? i better look at the man in Michigan over the time of her being logged in and see what plays out. Sure enough, 1:55pm, he makes a facebook post. This was more than good timing!! I was sick all afternoon. i knew right there she was talking to this guy behind my back the whole time. Some nights, when she was on skype, she was very explicit with her body to say the least. I thought wow, she is more than likely doing this with this guy as it seems she has been talking to him for years. boy was this all coming together!!

I get home from work that Wednesday night. i was just waiting for her to log into skype and it was so hard to
talk to her on her ride home from work knowing the info i was going to blow her doors off with that night. 10 pm, she pops on skype. She could see the fury in my eyes. I left her have it. I said well Kate, how is Jordan? She just looked at me. I said i know you talked to him on Sunday and again today and the lies cease right now or I am calling him then I am calling your family to get the facts. I said Kate, last 24 hours yes or no? She broke into tears. Said yes. I said him or me you choose right now!! I made her block his numbers and take him off skype and block him there as well. Then I demanded some truth. I was down to my last wire with this woman. She then, in tears, told me that she had a miscarriage before last summer and that it had her so messed up. I bought it as i knew she had a little more weight on her then in earlier pics she showed me that looked like mommy weight. I said Kate, you do not have a son. No mom would lock her son out of her bedroom like you do on skype and i bet you life at home. I want facts right now!! She reverted to saying this kid “Aiden” was her godson!! I was like ok, you are not 25 you are 19-20 know you are in college(catholic high school and catholic college student to boot) and in my head I couldn’t see her being given that responsibility? I then said that ring you have on your ring finger!! Is that an engagement ring? She wore this thing all the time!! She said it is to keep guys off her back there in Philly so they know she is taken by me. I thought ok, after all the lies I bet this girl has a man there too?? She insisted that on March 7th, she was coming in to see me. I told her this is it. No show, I am calling Jordan in Michigan and her family!! March 7th, no show. Guess what? Time to make my promise and continue being honest as I was the whole time to her. Jordan was first. He was heart broken. When I tld him she talked to me since August, he was blown away but responded he figured. I sent him an email with pics of what looked to be her bf in Philly as well. I had reason to believe this woman(putting it nicely) was running at least three men. Myself, the man in Michigan, and a man in Philly. Jordan looked at the pics and agreed that it looks like she has a man in good ol Croydon Pa. After tearing Jordans heart out with the facts, I knew I needed to make another call yet. Her parents needed to stop her before she ended up getting hurt and her teaching career that she is in college for would be in grave danger should she continue this life into her mid twenties. I make the call. Of all ppl, her dad answers. Very standoffish and in 53 seconds, i knew the call to them was a lost cause. I would have thought that after me saying this is Kate’s online bf and she was coming to see me today would have been reason for concern. Boy was i wrong. Philly parents must be stupid too!! If I was a dad I would have been like what is the meaning of this call and please explain. Not with this guy. Left it off as a wrong number. Move to Saturday March 10th. I woke up and back in November, I knew I saw on her real facebook at my buddies house she had a relative in he Philly are that was a lawyer. I looked him up on facebook that Saturday and made the call after googling his name. I thought I was calling his office. I was wrong. Phone was answered on the second ring. I said is this Nick? No it is his dad Andy. I said is Nick there? No he doesn’t live here anymore. I said oh wow, can I have his contact? Sure let me run downstairs and get his business number.I said sir, maybe you can help. I said do you know Kate? Yes. Are you related to her? yes. Let me inform you about her online activity and the fact that I think you need to stop her from being stupid and hurting ppl online before she runs into the wrong guy that might not be as forgiving as me. I explained the story. Sir, has she been hit? No. Has she a child? No. was she raped? No. Miscarriage? No Dead sister? No. Car wreck? No. Dead neighbor used as excuse not come see me? No. Sir, she pointed to a picture of a girl that looked like Michelle, Kate’s cousin. Is Michelle your daughter sir? Yes!! That made him hit the roof. I apologized and told him sir, this call is a legit one and i am trying to help Kate out here. I said do you trust me? He said yes it seems thing are checking out. i said sir, her walls in her home are yellow, her moms name is this dads is that. She has stuffed animals below her bed and a red and black tassel that hangs on her headboard that looks like Northeast High School. I assume she has a bf as that is not her colors. He said that is right. i said is she enegaged? He said that her and her man have been together for years and he treats her like gold and the he(Andy) does not want to be the one to tell him of Kate’s online activity. I said sir, if I didn’t talk to Kate, how would I know her dogs name is Eddie? He knew I had the right woman when I named her schools with all this other info. Call was ended or so I thought.
8:30pm my cell rings. Philly number. It is this woman ready to tear me a new one. I had to tell her the whole
story. By the end of the call, this woman that was going to save Kate’s name was quickly turned around from being foul mouthed like her potty mouth cousin Kate to seeing that I was being honest especially after telling her and Andy my full name and address and giving them my cell. Seems Kate was also using images of a family members kid saying that “Aiden” was hers. LIE!!! I was blown away. Oh yeah, the cousin also told me that I should have known Kate was engaged via facebook!! No honey, not when she blocked me from the first time she acquired my real name!! Kate thought she was so good playing this online liar with her loose ways but she has only done one thing. Made me think that folks from Philly have a very good way of showing their true colors. When a cousin calls me to rip me a new one with her potty mouth and Kate’s potty mouth, I see at least one of the ladies here losing their soul and fast. Lying, cheating, using the Lord’s name in vein, and deceiving good ppl. Last I looked, the good book must not be teaching this catholic school girl anything in high school nor college. Pretty shameful from a Philly resident. I think I am going to stay on this side of the state for a long time to come. Philly seems a little to immoral for my liking. May God have mercy on her soul. And to think I was falling in love with her. Joke was on me!! Too bad her man will never know as I am sure her and her precious cousin are keeping this under wraps. I was my hands of the liar now. I wish I knew what to categorize her as though? Compulsive, pathologiocal, or sociopath liar? Or all of the above. Thanks for this time to rant!! Philly is losing its credibility and fast!!

7 Responses to Online Liar From Croydon Pa-Philadelphia!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dude ur a loser!!!! Bah go online date nerd

    • D.R. says:

      Never said I was on an online dating site. I was on a chat site called wireclub. It is a free random chat site. Sorry, ios not for me thanks. That was actually one of the reasons I trusted this woman a bit. She is the loser and I assume you having her back you are form her parts. Oh yeah, Philly sucks, some(not all as I spoke to some of her family members that were nice ppl)need to get a life. Your little Philly native there was the creep. She was the one that pushed for me pal. Sorry!!

  2. Eric says:

    So you hate Philadelphia because some woman lied about who she is? If it’s that easy to get a bad rap from you, your shit list must be a mile long!

  3. Joe says:

    I’m not going to defend Philly and try to turn this back on you like everyone else is doing…Somerset PA is not near Philly but I get what you are saying. Many women become liars by nature but they definitely are worse plus more dramatic the closer you get to Philly!

  4. joe shmor says:

    dude, could you be a more gulable, drama filled, whiny douche? you went along with all this silly drama? and you whine? how old are you 12? grow up. you got played by some sociopathic skank.. but you participated. its philadelphia? or your own personality defect? – keep it real…

  5. joe shmor says:

    Listen, its a big country. move. but checking out your site i have to say.. i don’t believe your penchant for drama, negativity, and general stupidity is not going to follow you. really? you should grow up, and also seek some type of psychotherapy. i wish you luck. – go birds:)

  6. Holly says:

    I recently returned to be with my family & start a job. I HATE living here. I plan on transfering my job back down south. These emotionless people are RUDE. It seems the only conversation they know is “work”, “getting paper”, & nothing. They lie to themselves & say that “it’s bad EVERYWHERE”. Huh? There are plenty of places that isn’t the wild wild west like Philly. These houses are EXTREMELY over priced. The neighborhoods are Totally SEGREGATED. If you speak to a stranger, they just look & turn their head, & don’t even say “hi”. It seems that they praise this ignorance. The schools (public & charter) are completely over rated. Even the kids aren’t normal (not friendly at all). The public transportation isn’t safe. Stupid PPa’s parking tickets are off the charts (very expensive). The people seem to think they live in NYC, Paris, or some fashion city (clearly this place isn’t) If you move to Philly, 2 words, ” good luck”

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