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If anyone here knows how to get the hell out of this shithole, please post it. After 20 miserable years living here and trying to maintain my sanity, I’ve finally had it.
I’m ready to move on but don’t know where rent is cheap and there aren’t any assholes and self-serving pieces of shit.
There has got to be a community in the US with a considerate, respectful and afable people who don’t litter the strees, don’t run red lights or use yelling as a mode of communication.
My regret is not getting out before my first, second or third heart attacks. I’m a young guy and have a few years left to live and I want to do it in a decent place, where there are trees and where I dont hav to worry about getting held up every day.

Thanks for this site and all the good work.

2 Responses to Love ur site

  1. Joe says:

    I guess I don’t feel as bad now,I’ve been stuck here for 10 years…which is way longer than I’ve ever stayed anywhere much less a place that sucks so bad. I’m trying to avoid it affecting my health but chronic stress will take it’s tolls eventually. I’m also trying to avoid going to jail for kicking ass,which this place will also do…

  2. Frank says:

    We were lifelong Philly residents and moved to Jersey. Best thing we ever did. Now, crime, graffiti, stress is a thing of the past. Do it as soon as you can. You will wonder why you did not do it earlier

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