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I was born in Philadelphia, but moved far away in my 20’s for almost a 10 years, and now that I’m back in Philadelphia, I can honestly say that I’m truly disappointed and disgusted in Philadelphia and one day I will leave again for good.

What people are saying on this website is all true. Philadelphia is going down the drain. Back in the 70’s, and further back, Philadelphia use to be made up of working class blue collar people who took pride in their communities, but today, many working blue collar jobs are gone, and people from the old generation/guard either moved, or died. So now, unfortunately, many areas have just fell to pieces and in many parts of the city (pretty much everywhere!) illegal drugs have moved in, particularly, heroin.

And aside from the drugs, the city is depressing as there are so many buildings and homes that are dilapidated and trash is everywhere. Add in all the crime, then there is no point in leaving your home. Hell, many students I have spoken to who went to Temple each and every one of them was robbed at some point during their college years.

As far as people, I don’t know why, but, Philadelphians are a very rude and nasty group of people who take kindness for a weakness. People from Philly seem to take pleasure in being rude to people for no reason and it stretches all the way out into the suburbs. People don’t smile or nothing, and people give you these blank cold stares. It’s part of the culture now, so Philly needs to be refereed to as the “city of hate” from now on because that’s all people do around here.

Also, I meet so many people from Philly that have no life and no personality. People here just lack charisma and are dead to me. Just walking zombies no matter how well they seem to be doing in life.. All people do in Philly is work, obsess about about sports, and obsess over their own personal boring family life. No matter how old people are around here most Philadelphians have no idea that life even exist outside of philly because they have never even visited the next state over, let alone visited other exotic counties full of rich and ancient culture like I have.

In the end, Philly is dying and everything is going to go from bad to WORSE if things don’t change anytime soon! Philly needs a massive injection of art, culture, hope, inspiration, a once over with a bulldozer in the crime ridden areas, and young people who will lay off the drugs and will work hard to rebuild their communities to get back to pre 1950’s success/status.

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  1. Ron says:

    ” No matter how old people are around here most Philadelphians have no idea that life even exist outside of philly because they have never even visited the next state over, let alone visited other exotic counties full of rich and ancient culture like I have.

    People don’t smile or nothing, and people give you these blank cold stares. It’s part of the culture now, so Philly needs to be refereed to as the “city of hate” from now on because that’s all people do around here.”

    No truer words have ever been spoken.

    I was born here, left, and then returned to this city 12 years ago for work. And I can’t wait to leave again. Philadelphia is the saddest city I have ever lived in; full of insecurity, ignorance and anger.

    And what’s really sad is that the people here don’t even realize this because they live in total denial.

    The only thing I can say about this city that I like is old and historical architecture. It’s some of the most gorgeous architecture ever.

    Love your website. And thank you for sharing truth about Philadelphia.

  2. matt says:

    I agree 100%. I’m born, raised here and have lived in other parts of the country and traveled to other parts of the world. The people here are medieval serfs. Totally ignorant and clueless about most of what goes on in the world. Three more years and I am out of this shithole.

  3. Mike V. says:

    I moved away in my 20s also, to California. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. People are actually nice and happy. I fucking hate people from Philly. They are scumbags.

  4. Andrew says:

    You have articulated my thoughts perfectly.

    I had a very similar experience when I lived in Philly for 5 years. I wasn’t born and raised there, but coming from another state was a shock on how disgusting some of the people there act.

    Overall, its sad, it really is a pretty city. Mild weather, nice buildings, but the people are the trash. No wonder the crime is so high, and the educational system is horrible.

    Moved 2 years ago, don’t regret it.

  5. Casey says:

    I too share all of the sentiments expressed by people on this website, including:

    *Philadelphia is the filthiest city I have ever visited. People toss litter on the ground right in front of their own houses;

    *I am surprised that the streets don’t flow with sputum because everyone spits;

    *The language that people use (especially women) in conversation…every vulgarism and curse word that would make a sailor blush;

    Colonel Saito described Philadelphian’s when referring to the British in the movie Bridge Over the River Kwai: “You are defeated, but you have no shame. You are stubborn, but have no pride. You endure, but you have no courage.”

    • Anonymous says:

      All the white girls think they are black, the use the word nigger in every sentence. When you ask them what it means they say it means a friend. WTF AVOID THIS CITY AT ALL COST. You will be also robed the Mayor is a piece of shit who ONLY CARES ABOUT THE BLACKS

      • Anonymous says:

        I feel you but come on leave the racial bs out how bout I said whites are jut trailer trash and only think about banging there mom or cousins

      • Anonymous says:

        Wrong Anonymous.The Former Mayor of this Worthless Hellhole Never cared about Black People. He was all about Kissing up to Big Businesses.

  6. pat says:

    This is good for many laughs.It took me 30 years to
    break free of the Philly attytood.Believe it or not,it
    was a great place to grow up in the 60s.You had a real
    street education by the end of 8th grade,no guns,no
    shitbag gangsta punks,just deal with people who bugged
    you and it was over.People here don’t realize that their natural mannerisms are odd to outsiders.I was always told that I talk funny,my wife’s not from here
    and I never realized it,or cared.Don’t judge all people from here because of crap you hear on TV about
    the horde of obnoxious,beer gutted,high fiving zeroes
    and their drunken stupors,causing trouble and dumping
    all their money to support useless millionaires who
    are satisfied with mediocrity.This city has become
    ruined by blight,drugs and indifference as evidenced
    by once nice neighborhoods trashed by human scum with
    no regard for anyone.It’s the sign of modern times and
    Philly has lost something which will not be retrieved.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I was born here and still live here. Everyday here is hell.

  8. Cee says:

    I was born here and still live here. Everyday here is hell. You are exactly right about this city.

  9. Julie says:

    I’m so glad I found this page , I have only lived here 3 months and I am already moving out , it’s awful!

  10. Studejack says:

    I lived briefly in Philadelphia in 1986, in the summer when there was a garbage workers strike. The alleys were full of unpicked-up trash, there were flies everywhere. I had just moved from San Francisco, I was 25 and ready for a new experience back East where I come from. I had spent summers at the Jersey shore and had fond memories of people from the Philadelphia suburbs. But this experience lasted about a month before I moved to NYC and discovered what a real city looks, feels, and acts like. Six months ago I met a friend in downtown Philadelphia, and discovered the parking nightmare, plus a huge gaping hole in the center of this possibly beautiful city (lots of neat buildings) but absolutely no feeling of interest or excitement could be felt. It really lacks zest, yet one thinks, Boy, they have so much to build on. One feels like the detritus all gather in one place, and that place is this most disappointing of places.

  11. What’s the difference between a bucket of shit and a Philadelphia fan? The bucket. What’s the difference between a baby and a eagle fan? A baby will stop crying after awhile and a eagle fan will cry and whinning the rest of their life. What’s the difference between a eagle fan and a carp? One is a bottom feeding scum sucker and the other is a fish.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Try runing a business here. A state senator told me the same

  13. I hate Philly! says:

    I came here from NYC for a 4 day vacation and couldn’t wait to leave the moment I came in. The roads are so confusing with barely any signs, traffic like hell, pot holes everywhere, annoying pan handlers asking for money everywhere you go, people lack common sense, everything closes at 5, the food at reading terminal is overly priced, there is again lack of many signs around the city such as pointing to where the river link ferry is, the museums suck, all the stupid natives walk around like they’re tough. I have never seen such a city so disorganized and broke. No wonder it says visit PA on all the Pennsylvania license plates, the tourism is needed!

  14. Lori says:

    I hate it here. I was forced to move back here after escaping for 13 years. Philly is a trap for people who aren’t even human to be soul sucked and absorbed by a control system to enslave their lives as well as steal their pride, love, hopes and success.
    Philadelphia is a place I was brainwashed as a youth. It is a place that is a scream more than a cry for help to civilized society. I found myself in such anger to be back that I feel stuck, drained and surrounded by evil.
    I actually went to school in this shithole city and had to wait years before I could get a real education. This place makes me physically ill and I’m trying to find employment just so I can leave. My life has had to be on a downward spiral for quite a while for me to travel back here. All I can say about it is that all the family who hasn’t been killed off are big philly supporters for some reason, and it keeps me feeling a constant need to stay as a pacifist to my true feelings and goals. Every time I happen to find light of my situation, or try to make a positive out of being here, I find more reasons to be disgusted and hopeless.
    Those that I speak to seem to value their opinions moreso than actual VALUES. I’m not saying at all that this shithole doesn’t have the potential to be a decent place to live, or whatever people do here, I’m just saying that I dont want to waste my time on such a project because I have no reason to have faith in a good outcome. I am certain that everyone here is designed to be a self righteous plaque on the rest of society, like the junkies who kill, steal, and lie. Every minute that passes, I not only feel is wasted, but is stolen.
    I cannot wait to leave, and for good this time. Visiting philly is all I would suggest to anyone, and that’s only if you have friend or family ties to guilt you into it like I have. Philly people are known for their guilt trips so be weary of that. Be weary of criminals and hate filled masses that will out number you quick. Watch out for flying objects from traffic and young kids on corners. Don’t touch anything,!!!!!!! It’s places like philly that created a reason for hand sanitizer and touchless air dryers in bathrooms. And always say no to drugs, if you happen to be female, trust they will be offered.

  15. Maria says:

    I just got back from staying three nights in Philadelphia for jury duty. I’ve visited many times in the past, but this was the eye opener for me. I agree with the rest of you that this city is a complete shit hole.

    The people there are incredibly rude. Even the panhandlers give attitude when they can’t get money out of you. Every corner hosted a bum who seemed like they ended up there because of a drug addiction.

    There is a god awful smell that hangs over the entire city and never goes away, except when it’s covered by the reek of greasy fast food. Everything is dirty, and I was dodging gobs of spit and questionable looking spills on almost every sidewalk. I feel like throwing out my shoes.

    We saw a few people stumbling around, looking drugged out of their minds. Rittenhouse Square’s charm was ruined by a cloud of weed smoke. Later that night, a teenage girl in a hooker getup was walking arm-in-arm with a sleazy old business man.

    It doesn’t seem like anyone actually wants to be in Philadelphia. Many people appear to be irritated by the presence of the other people around them. I didn’t pick up on any sense of community; everyone was self-involved.

    Like other people, I’d say the only good thing about this city is some of the architecture. Luckily the hotel wasn’t a total crap hole either.

    Unfortunately, I’m going to be resummoned for jury duty here. I hope it doesn’t happen.

    • Who ME? says:

      Rittenhouse Square also has a godawful rat problem the city refuses to do anything about because they don’t wanna hurt the squirrels.

  16. Michael J. D'Amico says:

    I totally agree that Filthadelphia is a barren wasteland. I have lived in the Boston area for more than 20 yrs. and I can assure you that Boston is a must cleaner, livable city than Philadelphia, while the Boston sports franchises are far superior than their Philadelphia counterparts.

  17. marylou smith says:

    My daughter might move there with her new husband. I’ll either miss her and grand kids when they have them, or move there and want to shoot myself. I’ve been there several times I’m S^*%ed

  18. Anonymous says:

    Philadelphia was a f******waste of 10 years of my life. There are no words to accurately describe how much I hate this city

    • Steve Prinkey says:

      I totally agree. I lived in Filthydelphia for 48 years.
      Although I liked my friends, that is the only thing I can say I liked. The city is dirty, crime ridden, rat and roach infested. The people are rude. The taxes on wages, soda, cigarettes are outrageous. They don’t take care of their public parks. The pubic transportation is dirty and unreliable. The winters suck. The summers suck. You are lucky if you get 10 nice days in the spring and fall. The politicians and police are corrupt.
      I recently moved to Largo Florida. Everything is just the opposite of how I just descried Philly, except the police here are also corrupt/criminals (maybe worse than Philly)
      And it is impossible to find good rolls and/or bread here in Florida.
      I’m very very very happy to finally be out of Filthydelphia. Good riddance

  19. Anonymous says:

    I just moved here from Scotland and I hate it.

    Like I actually want to kill myself and get a taxi to the airport now

  20. JS says:

    This site is like therapy. I spent 16 years here to raise my child. I moved out last November back to the Midwest with child now in college. This place literally made me mean, nasty, and a little crazy. I felt so much better being out. Last week, I’m back for a business visit. Within 24 hours I was back to feeling the hate. The blank stares, the bad drivers / bad roads, the inconvenience of nothing being open late, the tough-guy culture / attitude. I wish this place would be firebombed.

  21. Coca copa says:

    This is going to sound stupid but i left a good state out west. Beauiful mountains and a wonderful legal plant! To move to philly so my spouse could be closer to her family. We were excited for an adventure. What we got instead was nightmare that freddy and jason would cry from. When we drove into the city we were greeted with the smell of sewage and garbage. We then found out that we would be living on roosevelt blvd.the house looked big but it also looked as though it should have been condemned. We then did a crime map of our new neighborhood and locked up our house like it was the zombie apocalypse. We found out our new home was broken into twice in two years prior. As we would drive through the city we noticed garbage everywhere. Homes and factories were abandoned. Looking as though gas and a match would be the structures salvation. Then the people. All trash! Every shade and skin tone and background.just ugly disturbed no common sense people. The goal is to beg borrow steal or hustle you out what you have. If your your a good hearted person you will be taken advange of. Grungy grimey gutter toilet rats.thugs! Im sure there is a few good people but they are very rare. The crime is through the roof.and most of it goes unsolved. The police here have their hands full. Well the clean cops do! The police force is pretty corrupt from what ive been told. Traffic is retarded. No value for human life while behind the wheel. Kids play on the dangerous streets. You get cutoff constantly and have to bully your way to your destination. People park their cars on busy streets because the are too fat or lazy to find parking. Or they just dont give a damn. This place is worse than the 7th layer of hell! I cant wait to get out. This city needs to be burnt down to the ground and then a hurricane katrina on steriods.sorry if these comments offend anyone but the truth hurts. If it makes you feel better at least your not chicago or detriot! Getting close though.

  22. Mountain Seeker says:

    I am originally from the west and came to Philadelphia for graduate school. I subsequently stayed for a number of years for job reasons and now, thankfully, returning west. Over the years I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world and I can safely say Philadelphia is one of the worst places on the planet. As I tell people — no one dies and goes to hell anymore, they just end up in Philadelphia. In addition to everyone mentioned in the other comments, I am continually amazed that a major eastern city could be such a provincial pig stye. The rudeness is beyond belief, the total lack of curiosity about the rest of the world mind boggling, and the old guard who cling to their past because their great, great, great grandfather did jello shot with Betsy Ross are the absolute worst. The final thing that truly amazes me is that the Philly natives think they are comparable to NY, LA, Chicago, etc. 99.99% of these people wouldn’t last 5 minutes socially, educationally or work-wise in any of those places. Good riddance and good by

  23. Disgusted says:

    I fell upon these comments surfing the net and I have to say being a native of philadelphia they are ABSOLUTELY right. I thought I was the in the minority thinking this way. Have travelled to different parts of the United States and philadelphia is a dump big time…Dirty ugly homes and streets. If I could I would move tomorrow to Florida. Philadelphia wasnt always like this I would say in the last 30 years it went down hill. big time It started with Mayor Goode and from there never have been the same….it will become another Detroit

  24. T says:

    Happy to see Im not alone…possibly the only positive thing in this shithole.
    Moved here 2 years ago, started a business /which I would not suggest to even my worst enemy/ and it is a disaster. Trash everywhere, people living here are the nastiest, dirtiest worthless pieces of shit Ive ever seen in my life. And I travel a lot…Lived in many cities, but this one takes the cake. And I wanted to buy a house here…no fkin way! Thank god Im leaving soon, counting down the days n will never look back. If this will prevent anyone going thru what I went thru the past 2 years, dont even think about this city. No maybe, possibly…just get away as far as possible.

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