Philadelphia is a Cesspool

From: [email protected]
Subject: Philadelphia is a Cesspool

Hey, Philly Sucks,

We just started a new Facebook page, where we have spewed all of our hatred for Philadelphia in the space of less than 24 hours. We are a husband and wife team just getting started on this venture.

I lived in Philly from 1986 to 1993, and he lived in Philly on and off for many years. We both have numerous ill memories and experiences from having lived in Philly, but we aren’t over it, since we are still in the suburbs within smelling distance of Philly.

He has hundreds of stories to tell, and he’s not here to tell them, but the best story I can give you is the time I got motion sickness from the putrid fumes of a Philadelphia city bus and fainted just after stepping off the bus on my way to my classes at U Penn. I took two steps off the bus and fainted, landing face down on the sidewalk. When I came to, I noticed that people were stepping over me. I had blood trickling down my forehead. I got up and staggered over to someone asking him if he had a tissue so I could wipe the blood from my head. He reluctantly gave me his napkin and then proceeded to finish stuffing his face with a breakfast sandwich. Not one person asked me if I was okay or if they could get me some help, and no I didn’t look anything like a homeless person, not that that should matter. I was a relatively new transplant from my native New York City to this place called the City of Brotherly love. I was not impressed. At least if people
step over you in New York, they don’t demand conformity while offering nothing of worth in return.

Anyhow, here’s our brand spanking new Facebook page. We need LIKES, so please share our page. My husband feels we should spread the hate.

Adios from our suburban hideout–

Cesspool Philly

53 Responses to Philadelphia is a Cesspool

  1. Dink says:

    We here in Erie are ashamed to share Pennsylvania with a shit hole such as Philly…oh yeah, Flyers SUCK…GO PENS!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      i just want to say hi to madusa head

    • Anonymous says:

      i just want to say hi to black mudusa head.

    • a chick from Philly says:

      This is the most hilarious post I’ve read in awhile. You passed out from the fumes of the bus you poor thing. I went to look for your fb page to make fun of it with my friends but it looks like it wasn’t very popular. Stay strong I hope you’ve recovered from this horror in the burbs.Bye!!

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re a typical person from Philly, just based on your reply. I’m from Philly too, unfortunately, and it’s people like you that give the rest of us a bad name. YOU’RE the reason why I want to move from this purgatory of an area, and I was born here! Thank you for proving, once again, why people hate people, (just like you!), from Philadelphia

        • Donnies baby daddy says:

          First of all. I agree with you. Typical big mouth whore with a point to prove cuz her ass is devalued from letting losers fuck it. Eww. Second get happy go master bate or write a poem. Eat some ice cream smile and shut your mouth. This is the world you live in. To don’t like it. Too bad. I don’t like shut on my underwear when I trying taking a dump standing. But hey it happens. Now go win a trophy you fuck.

  2. Doe says:


    This place was the worst 8 months of my life. Leaving in 3 days to go back to NY. I’d rather be struggling financially in NY than live here “comfortably” (almost costs as much as NY with next to nothing to offer except for sexism, racism, and classism, extreme litter, dog shit everywhere, corrupt cops, prostitutes and johns galore, drug lords galore, kids getting shot for their bikes (at least steal their iphones? those are worth more? why kill? are we living in the stoneage? feels like it. this sucks. shit how’d i get here? control+z?)).

    This is the first city I’ve lived in where I’ve seen morons smoking ON train cars, ON buses, ON platforms with no reaction/law enforcement, morons masturbating ON platforms, I was catcalled and did my usual response of ignoring and was called a BITCH by a man standing with 2 other men, all of whom still would have been respectable before that comment (cause I do look good, but I do owe you ZILCH). Racial tension galore, felt many eyes on me as soon as I got on the train here. Seems like pre-civil rights South here, or something. Women are generally quiet, mousy, and have terrible fashion sense. I felt like I spoke too boldly, was too self-assured, and too confident. I wondered if I should wear a bonnet to tone it down. Local women of all backgrounds generally have children at freakishly young ages here. Lots of people of all backgrounds have terrible attitudes that put a sour taste in my mouth. It’s this quiet or passive-aggressive side comment shit that I can’t stand. At first I thought I was dreaming.

    This is an email I wrote to a friend 4 months into this awful journey:

    As for Philly, I have mixed feelings. Skip it on your next road trip (I’m sure you’ve been here before though). At first glance, it is QUIET. I have found it is racially tense and generally behind on the times. It’s okay, I guess. Not going to stay here after my gig though. Not that alcohol is that important to me, but you can’t get it anywhere and it’s a hassle when you do want it. Here, it is Quietdelphia. The transit system here is awful, their machines are constantly broken, you tell their attendants their gates are broken and then they don’t let you through their gate and it smashes against your pubic bone because they delayed your entry because they suck (yes they have a button back there that they COULD have pressed to not hassle you), they ignore you when you ask questions. I’d rather have the meanest, snarliest, drooliest MTA worker shout accurate, information-packed commands at me than deal with these “huh?” whispering fools, unwilling to help, and act so passive-aggresively. They are mostly knowledgeable in NYC. Some of the bus drivers here are okay though.

    The Market Frankford Platform does not indicate which side is Westbound and which side is Eastbound, it merely indicates which side it is NOT with a really vague arrow. There are a multitude of things like this in Philly.

    I miss NY because it’s risky, even at 9am. There are more opportunities to take risks there with money, and to make money on the street. I had a garage sale in my push cart in Jackson Heights while it was raining. I could ne’er do that here. This city seems designed to keep people poor. Our oil bill in our row home last week was $350. I called to complain about the transit right away, and felt like I was the first person in the history to do it. I talked with a black dude from the Bronx in TD bank who said he just moved here and that he didn’t like the general attitude of the people in the city, how they all grimace and such. I might have to agree with him. NY literally is like that Beyonce song, ‘city lights are inspiring’.

    A man/woman on yelp once wrote, “Philly is a cesspool of the weakest gene pools. Anyone with any fortitude pushes west. Stick around awhile and you’ll see.” – 2011.

    I literally called the suicide hotline 12 times this winter in Philly. I just hope I can conjure back some happiness for NY. I think the vibe is more hopeful and I’ll have no problem getting back to my old, chipper self.

    • Anonymous says:

      Guess what I think also fucking sucks bitch. New York, so you can go ahead and commit suicide like the rest of the faggot negative people commenting on this website.

    • Tom says:

      I have been stuck in Philly for the last ten years of my life because of my job. Now that I travel all over for work I can live almost anywhere and have assessed several cities objectively. On the downside, I haven’t been able to sell my house without taking a huge loss, so after a year on the market I have decided to rent it out, it adds stress especially when living out of state, but it is worth it to escape this place. I remember when I moved here I never had a feeling of excitement as I have when visiting other cities. Center city itself is nice enough, but I swear 70% of the remaining city just looks poor, run down and depressing. One day after coming across yet another expanse of disgusting garbage strewn unattractive utilitarian looking row houses I noticed a huge ugly building featured in the 12 monkeys film. That sums up philly. The city itself is just blocks of these ugly run down tiny yard less row homes. Even if you spent half the GDP cleaning up the city it would look like the equivalent of a mint condition Yugo. Parking is a nightmare and people routinely break your car windows if you park in what they consider their personal spot even if you have a neighborhood permit. I’ve met so many people who have lived here their entire life and have never ventured out of South Philly. They are vindictive, closed minded, have nothing to offer, fight consistently over petty neighborhood disputes and family matters and aggressively reject anyone they don’t know from their neighborhood. At the same time they have tremendous attitudes like should be treated like royalty. The show its always sunny in Philadelphia really encapsulates the type of people you will come across here. These people live and east in their own shit. Basically, anyone from the area who has an ounce of potential moves to NY or DC, so you are basically left with a wasteland of garbage people. Now that I have had an opportunity to spend time in other cities because of work, I realize that the people and the atmosphere in Philadelphia are just so much worse than other cities.

  3. Doe says:

    don’t forget, and how much of a huge, spelling error/typo joke it is.

  4. bob h says:

    I appreciate the sentiment of this site. We tried to be fans of Philly and stopped there for a few years as visitors.

    There’s a small amount of history hanging on there. Almost anywhere else that’s been around for a hundred years would be a better choice.

    Two young adults from our small town were murdered in this slime pit. Thanks to the crooked justice system in P, the murderers will get out in a couple years.

    ….For a senseless act of murder of an innocent bystander.

    This town will never see another cent of ours. If I hear of someone going to P, I share my feelings and ask – why not someplace safe like Beirut or … you get the idea.

    Philadelphia, go to hell.

  5. UPeopleSuck says:

    I can see that all these pathetic faggot commenters here, except me, will never last long soon because they fucking suck for not doing anything but swim in their own shallowness and selfishness. So do humanity a favor and kill yourselves you stupid bitches.

  6. LMMFAO!! says:

    Y’all muthafuckas are weak, insecure with no life lol! Thank you for reminding me of how real the people of philadelphia are! We are the realest muthafuckas on the planet and y’all fake muthafuckas are just scared and intimidated. Take y’all bitch asses back to whatever shit hole y’all came from lol!

  7. Spicy says:

    I know I’m in a website dedicated to releasing the anger out from people who either live or lived in Philadelphia… I can understand most of the points given from the commenters and writers who post articles in this site. First thing’s off, I do not like to rain down on a site that is primarily about discussing a set subject, which is sharing stories about how much people hate this city… But I just want to bring one thing to light, most of you reading this can just move onto something else, because this comment is slightly into Philadelphia’s favor… Sort of. I have lived in Philly my whole life, and to be honest, I hate this place when I was young. It was until 4 years ago, I came to the realization that this place was not all THAT bad. Of course, it’s no paradise (what place is?) Philly is a tough city, and don’t expect any old smuck that passes you by to be Mr./Mrs. Nice. Not everyone is friendly. That was, and is from time to time, the issues I come across. I’ve also recently had my iPod and Sony headphones stolen from me, and was shot at right after. Luckily, I was not hit. But this was not the only time I was assaulted. Two years ago, my family and I visited New York City for christmas week(as we usually did), when my cousin and I were stuck up on 45th, right before 8th ave. A woman saw us, but why risk attacking a guy with a gun. The asshole took my timberlands and cell and my cousin’s media player. I nearly shat myself and thought we were going to die, just like with my recent robbing. My parents swear I have a guardian angel, but I digress. My point is, I didn’t blame a whole city for the few to many mishaps that occurred in said setting, with is New York or Philly. Shit happens anywhere you go, and if your going to hate a place because of the bad things that happened there, I have a feeling you, generally, are going to be moving out a lot… I’m not saying give Philly a chance. You can despise the shit out of it for all we care, but just think a little about what I typed, (the point part, that is.) Anyway, I gotta get back to my studies. (Sorry for any typos.)

  8. We had a car stolen and our son’s apartment had a home invasion. Other co-workers of mine had college aged children mugged and assaulted. It truly is “The City of Brotherly Love!”………….not. Philadelphia was not kind to us and many of our friends. I hate it also.

  9. Tylers gay ass says:

    Philly fucked my ass and i liked it and now i dont want to drive my own car and i get no ass ever even though i have a bad ass car

  10. Al Rocco says:

    Fuck the Hipsters and yuppies. I hope they get Mugged ,robbed and kicked in the head!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Can’t believe I still live in such a shit hole. Oh well, all hell breaks loose when in crisis. Which makes it much more fun. Humanity is a terrible species, no matter what humans are always there to get on your back.

  12. Sherry says:

    I am now a senior lady who was always able to make friends wherever I lived. I came back to the area in 1990 for a job after being away for many years. In 1990 I got a job at a place called ATD-American Company. Terrible, nasty, cold people. In the 1970’s, I had another job in the same town, (Wyncote) and in fact I think the same building. With both jobs the people were terrible, especially the administration, which seemed like bullying to me. I left again but then came back to live in the Philly area in 1993. Had lost contact with all friends I made while living in the area in the past. Could NOT make any new friends. I did make one friend who wasn’t my cup of tea. Interestingly, she is not originally from the area. My next door neighbor, who was at first friendly, opposed me at the hearing when I wanted to get a variance for a carport. (I was granted the variance and the hearing board members seemed to pretty much dismiss this guy.) I hate the aura and the people generally seem unhappy here. I have spent months at a time in San Antonio, Atlanta, Trenton NJ area, and Denver. I have never come across an area as bad as Philly. As bad as the climate is, the people are even worse. My negative experiences here cannot all be chalked up to coincidence. I am not surprised Philly has one of the worst ratings for rudeness, fatness, attitude…It’s all true. Fortunately, I plan to leave for the South or West in the near future. My relocation can’t come soon enough.

  13. phily do suck (The truth) says:

    I live in philly for almost 7 years now coming from NYC and soon will be moving to NJ. At first philly is really good deal on everything but later on I found out there is a huge difference between “Good deal” and “Cheap”. For people that never really been in philly for long term. Philadelphia is pretty good deal but If you shop around in stores, supermarkets and etc… you will found out there is a big difference between philly and NY/NJ. The Philadelphians are just plain Rude, Dumb and dirt Poor. I not talking about the blacks because for blacks you are kinda expect that but I mean the whites in philly is just so sad to see so many whites acting like that and being so poor. I use to wonder what had happened to the whites in philly but Now I know why is because they do drugs, alcohols, and or they just dont care about themselves and their family. Its just so sad and a disgrace because I use to see the white people in NY/NJ as being Rich and here in philly there is so many whites working for minimum wage in supermarket and as a cashier.
    And the school is so bad in philly, the street is so dirty and everyone got body tattoos. I am moving out to NJ meanly because for my children because I really dont want my kids to goto schools with trash.
    If there is no one outside and you just drive by and looking, Philadelphia is really great but you cant judge a book by what it appears to be right. Philadelphia is for people that had failed in life or given up in life. Sad but True. (Philadelphia is just one big Ghetto)

  14. Bob says:

    Philly sucks for the following reasons:

    Under-maintained sidewalks that are a hazard to anyone with a walker or cane.

    Brutish white people with absolutely no style.

    Terrible pizza. Worst I have ever had!


    Everyone in a god damned SUV, driving up and down narrow-ass colonial streets like they just don’t give a fuck about the dog or small child they just killed.


    The fact that Rocky having been filmed here accounts for the city’s last (if not sole) major “cultural” output. I put cultural in scare quotes because Hollywood isn’t even culture; it’s selling shit.

    It’s where Ametican white people were invented as a cultural category, hence it is the singular source of the entire world’s problems. (Adding insult to injury: any demand for redress on these terms would be tantamount to asking some fat, slovenly dumbass to look up from his slice of terrible pizza to think back to a moment he blacked out while piss-drunk at an Eagles tailgate.)

    Approximately 80% of the population was born and raised here, setting the scene for hostility towards difference.

    There is no major grocery store besides overpriced Whole Foods.

    Its pathetic delusion that it matters as a city in any sense at all.

  15. Nico says:

    Suck Jersey!!!

  16. Matt says:

    I hate this shithole. I was born/raised here when it was a civil society in this town. Now, every effing neighborhood is overrun with rude, stalking and harassing white trash and ghetto blacks. cannot wait to retire from this turd in a few years. This place is not a City…it is a Village. I love how the angry morons feel they need to mind my business for me.
    Not a week goes by that I haven’t been confronted by assholes who try to start shit.

    • Michael Nutty says:

      Those shitty things you’ve confronted face to face were barbarians. Time to let the civilized people leave this city, the Huns will replace the citizens of Philly next.

      • Eric rozzi says:

        You think Philly is bad?
        Try Brooklyn.
        6th graders with guns.
        Peoplw looking to jump out of a car and kick your ass if you dont move the second the light changes.

  17. PhilyNOT says:

    everything is all true. I been living in philly for few years now and I had enough of this shitty Philadelphia already and is moving out soon (just the thought of moving of from this shit hole makes me smile everyday). Most and almost everyone in Philly is “Prepared for WAR” they are ready, willing and able to go for a Street WAR (but not ready, willing and able to go for their Job or look for a job.) I have never seen to many old old cars on the road in my life till I move to here so call Failaphila. So many young teens in every race having babies and everyone is acting this is normal. For God sake just delete philadelphia off from google map already. everyone here want to point fingers for their own failure .
    If you are not living in Philadelphia but thinking about moving here. DONT!. Crimes in here is so high is ridiculous. So many Drug dealers on the street the cops just ignore all them. The school is ranking is so low is rank in 1 and all the reviews are very very bad.
    And the people, most of the people in here area willing and ready to kill you over a nickel.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I hate people that says Philadelphia sucks this website is crap I live in Philadelphia ur suckers its the best place buttholes if u do more of this im gonna whoop ur but im only 8 but u guys of retards atleast pensevaniavs ar nicer then u it might be poor a dump it might me bad but philadelpia is the best

  19. Matt says:

    Philadelphians = medieval serf and stone age assholes disguised as humans.

  20. Matt says:

    Cannot wait to move back to civilization. Detroit looks good in comparison to blighted shithole.

  21. Philly Girl says:

    Wow. This is sad. Make up a whole website just to moan about a city that just wasn’t fit for you? Thats not how someone with class behaves. Guess what, not every place you live in will be a fit to you. Yet you feel the need to just shit all over a place MANY people are happy to call home because you personally just couldn’t fit in here. New flash.. that happens to people in every city. I would NEVER in a million years live in NYC. I hate the crowds. I hate how expensive it is. I hate the disconnect I feel when I go there. Should I then make a website shitting all over the city? No. So honestly.. grow up. Change your attitude and maybe you won’t hate the situation so much. Ever think of that? Its fine to not like the vibe of a place you had to move to, but in no way does an entire city deserve your insults because YOU are the one who isn’t happy here. Crime happens everywhere. Bad things happen everywhere. Go move to where you can be happy. But no one deserves to read this garbage about their city and their home from someone who just couldn’t find their place here.

  22. Michael J. D'Amico says:

    You know Philly Girl, Filthadelphia is just a horrible city. You just need to accept the facts. I have lived in Boston for over 20 years now, and Beantown is just infinitely better than Filthadelphia especially the sports teams. My adopted Boston sports teams have won 10 championships in the past 14 yrs. compared to a pitiful one which was won by ur Filthies over an expansion team in 2008. Boston is 100x better.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Clearly none of you know how to do Philly. The thing I love about this city is the wimpy, whiny, soft around the edges folks like you all can’t handle the grit here so you leave after a few months of complaining and self-pitying. Which is great, its like a vetting process and those who stay are the badass folks who place mind over matter and ooze so much light the darkness of this city can’t touch them.

  24. Truer says:

    Who wouldnt want to leave Philly if they can. Philadelphians cant move anywhere because they dont have the money to do so.
    You need money to make money and this is so true. People that dont have money would be in philly making no money and people that do have money move to NJ or NY making some Real Money.

    There is no need to insult the poor people in Philly because who wouldnt want to be rich and buy or do anything they wanted ever wanted to do.

  25. Bore... says:

    Why Phily Suck ?
    Becuase most of the parents dont care about their kids. You got parents that keep arguing about every little shit there is in front of their kids. You got parent that think they are very “Smart” because they feel they out smarted the system and got their welfare check.
    You got people only think about the first thing in the morning is to have a smoke and have a beer.
    You Got people that would use very “Excuses” in the book for their own failure in their own life or their family life. Common Excuses are “He/She is a racist, sexism, age discrimination, their the dog dont like me” you know the Typical Loser Excuses because EXCUSES ARE ONLY FOR LOSERS.
    People that are always nice and respectful would almost always end up in a very nice respectful places and people that are rude dont care would almost always end up in a Ghetto this is called THE FORCE OF NATURE. This is why it doesnt matter when make a nice respectful person move into a Ghetto he/she would almost always move out and This is why when a Rude Nasty person move into a very nice respectful area he/she would almost always move out. (The Force of Nature always and is at constant motion)

    People in Philadelphia would look for anyone and anything to blame when things dont go on their way like a big dark shadow. If you know what you are worth then go out and get what you are worth and not point fingers and said you aint where you wanted to be because of him her or anyone only cowards do that.

  26. Matt D says:

    I hate the stalking and harassing assholes in this city.

  27. You are the CESSPOOL! And NEVER, EVER forget the old adage: It takes one to know one. That is all I have to say. Jacqueline.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I am glad I’m not the only person who realizes how bad Philly is. It all but ruined my life. I lost so many years. Two bad experiences working in offices in the burbs, all because of jerks I worked for and with, which should have been wonderful experiences as I have a very high aptitude for this type of work as proven by my aptitude tests, school grades and my enthusiasm for office work and white collar work generally. Soon moving to SC which will be a big upgrade. Then I will at least have a chance to get away from the horrible drivers, crappy weather with horrible winters, rude, non-inclusive people and generally backwards laws and environment.

  29. Joe says:

    I wanted to take my family to Philly to visit the historical sites. Last week, we finally made it there after fighting hours of traffic. The parking was horrible and we opted for the valet to lessen the stress of finding an appropriate parking place. The first thing I noticed when we stepped onto the sidewalk was how much trash was everywhere; on the sidewalks, in the streets and also strewn along the curbs.
    Once we were situated with our lackluster hotel room, we ventured onto the sidewalks to see if we could catch a few of the historical sites before closing. We only had to walk a few block to get to the Liberty Bell, but I felt unsafe at times for my family. We witnessed two drug deals right in front of us as we walked by and also an obvious prostitute looking for a date.
    We were given advice from locals as to the areas to stay away from due to safety reasons, but those boundaries must be very fuzzy since the unsafe situations seemed to be in many areas.
    I saw a few police cars, but no officers anywhere. I am not sure why they chose not to be visible.
    Touring the prison was the highlight of the trip.
    We ended up leaving a day early due to our disappointment.
    It would be nice to see the city turn around and become a cleaner and safer place. Seems to be a lot of homeless people on the streets also.
    When we returned home, I spoke to many people that have to go to Philly for business from time to time and they all share similar stories.

    • Fred says:

      Two drug deals and a prostitute on a few block walk to the Liberty Bell? You’re a complete liar. That location wouldn’t even make sense for drug dealing/prostitution.

      Serious question…why make such blatant lies? Philly provides plenty to bash without making stuff up.

  30. SeigHeil says:

    The monkeys ruin everything in Philly. And so do rats.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I’m a native of Philly, but refuse to share that with anyone, (other than anonymously, online.) I can draw a comparison because I spent many years out in the Midwest, as well.

    Philadelphia is absolutely the worst place to live, let alone, having to deal with the locals. The residents here are some of the worst human beings I have ever come across in my life.

    If you’re thinking of relocating to Philadelphia, don’t. You’ll only regret it. I hate the fact that I still live here. It’s a living hell. I cannot wait to move, and never have to see any of these ‘people’ ever again. Out of all the places I’ve resided in, the so-called City of Brotherly Love, is worse than you can imagine. Again .. If you are thinking of moving to this area,I would tell you to run, run as far away as you possibly can.

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