Why is one State or a very-common wealth so annoyingly different?

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Subject: Why is one State or a very-common wealth so annoyingly different?

Dear Phillysucks:

I could not agree more!

How is it possible, for a city and a common-wealth to continually manage to come out on the bottom of everything?

Everything philadelphia / pennsylvania does, is notoriously despicable. Have the highest heroin epidemic in the nation, the highest if not second highest accident rate in the nation. The second highest (behind Chicago), homicide rate in the nation….yet the residents of, are oblivious and defensive.

pennsylvania’s legislature is more arcane than philadelphia’s laws or lack of. Its been called the “heel state” everything from Katherine Kline, Kids for Cash, Sandusky & Penn State scandals. These are only the tip of an iceberg.

I regularly comment on new articles on MSNBC10.com and often receive rebuttals, indicative, they don’t get it.

The outstanding component, seemingly little can be done to thwart, is the lawlessness of pa drivers and how it impacts neighboring states.

I live in a rural part of Virginia, regularly witnessing a pa driver exceeding the speed limit, or cruising in the left lane – blind spotting those they pass. WHY DO THEY DO THAT?? When I have to pass another vehicle, I do so prodigiously and do not slow-down in THEIR F_ING BLIND SPOT.

I have found in life, I can better accept flaws, if I understand why they exist. philadelphia and pennsylvania baffle.

It’s good to be able to vent, I welcome your venting too and your feedback!

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  1. Jordan Turner says:

    Philadelphia sucks!!!! I hate to be negative, but it feels great to express my thoughts. When I first moved here, I really noticed in general that people do not look good. The girls/women are overweight, I don’t see any that are thin or in shape. I work at a well known strip club that prides itself in beautiful women, but the Philadelphia standards are very low. It’s weird how it eventually got to me and for the first time in my life, I don’t care that much about my body because everyone else looks not that great. I have yet to find a good hairstylist, plastic surgeon, dermatologist, etc… I’ll find people that are good one time then mess up the next time you see them. No consistent really amazing beauty type professionals. It’s a big city– where is the talent??
    I know I must sound like an idiot, but I’m not impressed with the restaurants here. Philadelphia is apparently so well known for food- ya food that’s horrible for you. I don’t eat that healthy, I’m not expecting much. Why aren’t there plenty of restaurants that are on the healthy side yet still mainstream?? Of course there are all vegan restaurants and juice bars, but I don’t want such an extreme. How about some normal everyday type places to eat, that aren’t typical HORRIBLE for you type food or the extreme health nut. In general, with all kinds of different things, I’ll try to find a certain business or service and (surprise surprise), Philadelphia does not have it. Back to the food topic, I haven’t found any great pizza places. I’ve lived in plenty of other areas of the country and had no problem finding lots of awesome pizza restaurants. Philadelphia pizza sucks. Also it’s either a take out style place, with couple grungy booths if you want to eat there, or it’s a full blown restaurant with huge menu going to take forever to sit and have a meal.
    The people are not as friendly here. The weather isn’t great, but has nothing to do with the city. My biggest pet peeve aboit philadelphia (which again I know I sound like a total asshole) is that EVERYTHING is so OLD!!!! I understand history and preserving things. That’s wonderful. But there is so much old SHIT it drives me crazy. The mainline?! Build some new fucking things!!! Redo the streets. A lot of the old things just look run down and dirty and musty odors. Very wealthy people can maintain older mansions, but all the other stuff looks awful. Build something new!!!
    Everything is old which gives it such a blah feeling. I toured expensive places for rent that smelled like mothballs and seemed so closed in and dreary. Awful. The people are not as open and friendly. Take notice when you travel. When you’re in an airport in one location then Philadelphia. You will notice quite a difference at how people look, act, the whole vibe. It’s not right to be superficial, but for the purpose of this website, Philadelphia people are not well maintained. Even where I work, the girls AND the customers are thinking certain body styles are okay. The standards are so low. The doctors here do not do a good job. Best to travel for beauty treatments. This place fucking blows. It’s rubbing off on me too. I used to stick out like a sore thumb bc I was so happy, sweet, nice, outgoing, kept body in good shape. All things I believe to be normal. Not in Philadelphia!!!!

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