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Continuing the curse

From: [email protected]
Subject: Continuing the curse

Great website. I moved down to South Jersey from North Jersey in 1982. I was invited to a Christmas party at someone’s home in Dresher, PA., a suburb of Philadelphia. That day, December 11, 1982, the Iggles were playing my NY Giants. At the time, I had no idea what scumbags Iggles fans, and for that matter all Philly fans were. At this party, some low life Iggles fan started a fight with me. From that day on I have become one fo the biggest haters of Philly sports and their scum sucking fans. I also put the malocchio, an Italian curse o n the four teams that day. Guess what? So far it has worked!!!!
Watching Joe Carter smack that home run, Rhonde Barber intercepting that pass and taking it all the way for a touchdown, the list goes on and is sure to continue. anyway,


even the dogs are ugly in Philly!

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Subject: even the dogs are ugly in Philly!

Not ot mention the women! LOL! Polls have found the most common one word description of flyer fans-TRASHY, yes, national polls have found that 98% of all Americans describe flyer fans as TRASHY. Maybe Buffalo could send a little snow their way, it might sterilize that philthy city. No way Philthadelphia, you’ll always be 4th best. Great site, nice job.


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Subject: ahhhhhh

Let the good times roll… You know if the city of philly
was nuked tomorrow… i don’t think i’d cry… especially if
the bomb landed in the wachovia center on peter forsberg’s
head during a flyers open practice.

Back with a new email address

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Subject: (no subject)

Hey it’s me [email protected]………….Im so happy u had fun makin fun of me on your blog well here you love your little websits so much well I found a way to shut down your little funny website. Your a funny guy but you picked on the wrong guys so if anyone ever see’s you they will kill you and i will take full reponsebilty. So shut down your website use it for anyother f******* team or DIE.

Philly sports fans

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Subject: Philly sports fans

I have been a citizen of the city of Philadelphia my entire life. I have lived here for the past three and a half decades.
I love this site.
While I have never been a diehard sports guy, I never quite understood how Philly fans can continue to support teams that do nothing but fail time and time again.
I tried. I really did. For a while, I hated the Eagles. Then Andy Reid took over and I thought ‘OK maybe this guy can make it happen. I’ll give them a chance.’
You see where this is going. They make it to the Super Bowl and in grand Philly sports team tradition they choke.
Never again. Needless to say, my hate for the Eagles returned.
After much thought, I figured out how to enjoy pro sports in Philly.
Hate them. Hate the teams. Take sadistic delight in their humiliating defeat and they’ll never disappoint you. Philly teams are supposed to suck. And there’s nothing as entertaining than rubbing salt in the wounds of some deluded Eagles fan repeating the “Just wait till next year” nonsense all over again.
The Eagles suck, the Philles suck, the Sixers suck and the Flyers suck, and they always will. Thanks for telling it like it is.
Go Dallas!


From: [email protected]
Subject: website

Somebody tipped me off to your site… not bad. Just seems like you could do a lot more with it… if you really want to antagonize people, you could talk about some of the near misses, like the NFC championship game against Tampa Bay, the 1993 World Series, or my personal favorite, Eric Lindros’ concussion against the Devils in 2000. Philly fans really hate re-living that stuff over and over again…

Philly Sucks?

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Subject: Philly Sucks?

All your counters and countdowns are accurate and that’s undeniable. It has been a long time since we have won a championship in Philly. But that doesn’t mean that we suck. Over the last 5 seasons the Eagles are one of the winningest teams in the NFL. The Phillies have competed for the NL Wildcard in each of the last two seasons. The Flyers and Sixers are perennial playoff teams. One of these teams will eventually break through and win a championship.

As you so eloquently illuminate with all your clocks and countdowns, it IS only a matter of time.

And when we do win, it will be all the sweeter for those of us that suffered through the drought. We will be able to celebrate that championship and appreciate the long, hard road it took to get there. And you’ll just be left with a pointless website and a lot of hate.

Here’s hoping that you figure out what’s really important and instead of pointing out the failures of others you just worry about making yourself better.