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Here’s five

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Subject: Here’s five

Sorry, but you won’t be getting rid of me any time soon.

I read your comments to my previous e-mails. Some of you people need to understand that even if your teams won championships, it doesn’t matter if you suck now. Remember, the Eagles are three-time world champions, and unlike most of your teams, they are still good enough to get back. Last season, the Giants had a .500 season and made the playoffs only because of a weak conference. The Cowboys ended their season with “The botch,” and the Patriots ended their season by blowing a 21-3 lead.

You can lean on me

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Subject: Hey

Believe me, my man, this is not a viscious attack on your site, in fact, i praise you. As a hardcore philadelphia sports fan, i am not a fan of most of our fan base. First off, “hardcore” is not something i would use to describe myself if all i did was complain about how we never win. Frustrating, yes, but you should see half of the people i talk to about philadelphia sports, and i hate to admit this, but most of them our my friends. What bothers me the most about “true” philadelphia sports fans? Donovan Mcnabb haters. Can’t stand them. UGH!!!! Sorry, had to vent a little there, but back to number 5. He’s (not arguably) the BEST QB to ever put on an Eagles uniform. For all the people that say Jaws or Randall, what they hell did they win? This guy has carried the offense on his back since he made his debut against the redskins in the ’99 season. Pretty much the man that turned around this franchise, but no, fucking Jeff Garcia gets all the love because he is a “philly” guy. Don’t get me wrong, Jeff played pretty decent, i wouldn’t say he overachieved, because they ran the west coast offense the way it was intended to be ran, but decent nonetheless. To hear people even call up 610 WIP, and even suggest we trade Mcnabb to start Garcia are just oblivious to the fact that Mcnabb has world class talent. I like to call the Jeff Garcia run, lightning in a bottle, because that’s all it was. In fact, if it wasn’t for Brian Dawkins, and those two back to back stellar performance against the Redskins anf Giants, on that absurd road trip last year, who the hell knows were this team would have ended up. Another thing, as somebody pointed out in an earlier email, this isn’t an attack against the fans. I mean, it seems to me just a website made out of frustration, or even to just point something that is obviously true. If anyone should take offense to this, it is the management of our 4 “beloved” teams, but you know they don’t, since they live comfortably, with the lucrative amount of money they make. Sorry dude, this has been bothering me for a long time, didn’t mean to tell you my life story.

The Future Holds More Of The Same

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Subject: silly question.

I’m not from philly but I have a silly question.

What happens to the site if one of the four major sports teams win a title?

Great website.

The site continues on.

One More Time

Fourth email in this series… Part 1 can found here, Part 2 can be found here and Part 3 can found here.

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Subject: (no subject)

Back to my original point, you need a life. If you’re not a Patriots’ fan, what are you? You’re forgetting that the Eagles still have 3 championships. Tell me, what’s your favorite team? Go on, tell me loser. Or do you not want to look that bad? as far as fans of other teams go, you’re as annoying as they get.

Opening Paragraph

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Subject: Opening Paragraph

Awesome site…

Don’t forget to add the Philadelphia Soul (Arena Football) to that opening paragraph of yours (as other shitty teams not in the big 4 sports)

The Philadelphia Soul home games are actually pretty good times. Same with the Wings and Phantoms. While they are not in the same class as the 4 major teams they do take good care of their fan base.

Back For Even More

Third email in this series… Part 1 can found here and Part 2 can be found here.

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Subject: Back For Even More

In your last reply, you said thatthe Patriots won 3 Super Bowls with their backup. I guess you need some clarification, Patriots fan.

Not every team has had Tom Brady as their backup. The reason Bledsoe didn’t go back in when he was healthy is because he Brady better. Jeff Garcia is a backup. He will always be a backup. Jeff Garcia is not Tom Brady. simple as that.

Stop putting your hatemail up on your website. It just makes you look even dumber.

And you made it sort of obvious that you’re a Patriots’ fan because you keep everything to them. You really need a life.

First of all, I do not like the Patriots. I clarified in my second post that I was referring to the first Patriots Super Bowl run. Go ahead and read it again.

“Let’s go back to the first New England Super Bowl run. Drew Bledsoe goes down early in the season and the backup QB, Tom Brady, leads New England to Super Bowl and wins.

It is not uncommon for a backup QB to win a playoff game. It has happened many times; in fact since 2000, about half of the starting QBs in the Super Bowl were long time backups so I apologize but I am not so impressed that Garcia won a playoff game.”

The first Patriots Super Bowl run, Tom Brady was a 6th round pick no one expected to play. He was the backup quarterback. Drew Bledsoe gets hurt and the rest is history.

Don’t like using Brady as an example? How about Trent Dilfer? Jake Delhomme? Kurt Warner?

Let’s go back further. Frank Reich, Doug Williams and anyone Pittsburgh had at QB before Roethlisberger all won playoff games, some even making it to the Super Bowl (and winning).

Jeff Garcia had a nice run but what he did was not special. It was his job.

Who Reads Here?

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Subject:Read the Fine Print

Most of the Philly fan rebuttals I see here are about fans and attendance. The site isn’t titled “PhillyFansSuck” or PhillyAttendanceSucks” or even “PhillyFanPrideSucks”. I figured out pretty quick what the site was about after actually reading the subtitle that describes – what the site is about.

So, in case you didn’t notice, this site is about the 4 major Philly sports teams and how they haven’t won a championship in so long, it’s embarrassing. Nobody cares what you *almost* won. There isn’t an “Almost Made It” Hall of Fame or a “We Had a Great Year But We Lost when it Really Mattered the Most” trophy.
More importantly, nobody gives a shit how loyal you half witted simpletons are. Your teams need to start winning some championships and stop whining about how close they were, or how great a year it was. In a nutshell – Spare us the psychological baggage.

The cold hard fact is this: You don’t have a *single* championship in any of the 4 major sports in over 20 years. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Nothing to show. Not one single championship ring or cup or trophy. Are the mentally unglued Philly fans starting to get the gist of this site yet? We’re talking about “winning-it-all” here, the cou de gra. Not division titles or conference titles, nor rankings, or seedings.

So you may be thinking “Why am I pointing out the obvious?” Because obviously very few Philly fans are comprehending what this site is about. Instead, we get half-baked rambling about fans, attendance, previous team stats/records, and how Philly could beat up everyone on planet Earth.

And you Philly fans wonder why you’re the laughing stock of society.

Right on.