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Nothing worse than ignorant Philthadelphia fans

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Subject: Nothing worse than ignorant Philthadelphia fans

I swear man, being a Canadiens fan and living right near Philadelphia is pure hell at it’s best. But fuck it, I know for a fact at the end of the day we still have 24 more Stanley Cups than any loser hockey team called the Flyers. Better yet, bring on the EaGals this season hahaha. They wish they had the sucess that Dallas has had. Anyway keep up the great work! We all know that 33 years of suffering and counting really hurts their pride…..

Flyers fans r gay

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Subject: Flyers fans r gay

What really pisses me off about the Philthadelphia Cryers are their sweaty, drunk fans who berade the other team when they’re doing good. I mean, it’s understandable to be mad about a blown call, cheap goal, or a cheap shot to one of your players, but outright hostility to great players like Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, or Evgeni Malkin because they’re doing good is just wrong. I don’t see it anywhere else except in that dump of a city Philthadelphia.

Flyers Suck but not the Eagles

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go eagles but i will agree flyers suck

Get on the Bus

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Subject: Phili Fan Bus

Since Derf often refers to Phili fans as “Window Lickers”, he gave me an idea…..

Philly Fan Bus