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Game 4 Postmortem

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Subject: Game 4 postmortem

I am a diehard Pittsburgh fan. I moved to the Philly area about 10 years ago. I want to like this city and its people. We’re statemen for crying out loud. But, they make it impossible. I went to game 4 between the Pens and Flyers last night. I was hoping to walk away from this game with some kind of ammunition to defend against the notorious Philadelphia fan reputation. It didn’t work out that way.

Sadly, I am still feeling the affects from our treatment last night at the Wachovia Center. I expect taunting and actually welcome it. Getting booed and listening to chants of “you suck” and “go home” are all in good fun. Faggot and cocksucker cross the line. I can’t begin to count the number of times they were used. Faggot especially. It gets personal too. It’s one thing to be in the concourse or walking to your seat and hearing chants, it’s another for the guy in front of you to turn around, point his finger in your face and tell you that you’re a faggot. I feel badly for the fathers and their sons having to listen to that nonsense for hours. Family entertainment, right? We were in the restroom after the first period. There was a seven-or-so year old next to us yelling “Penguins stink” and the whole bathroom was laughing. It was cute. Then everyone decided to break into chants of “you’re a faggot.” I can picture the ride home – “daddy, what’s a faggot?” While we waited in line for the bathroom, we had the two biggest assholes of the night in front of us. A Pens fan came out, and they got in his ear. Another Pens fan came out and one of them snatched the hat off his head. After a little pushing and shoving the guy got his hat back and left. Then the assholes turned around and saw us. Things got pretty heated and it really came close to blows. If that exchange happened outside, I guarantee my one buddy (he has an affinity for fist fights) would have knocked his teeth out. But, hey – we came to watch the Pens, not throw down with some drunk ignorant fools. Those dudes came to this game looking for a fight, and they weren’t the only ones. You would think that at $90 a seat, these kinds of people don’t go to the games, but they do. Not everyone is like this. There are some good ones. We talked to several friendly fans who actually came to watch hockey. One guy apologized to us about the bathroom incident and commended our handling of it. Nothing was thrown at us. Besides the bathroom incident, all abuse was verbal. I can’t say the same for everyone else – fisticuffs broke out in the adjacent section after the final horn.

The goon-ery doesn’t stop with fan-on-fan crime. It’s the way they watch the game, and their judgment of what’s important. They are more interested in big hits than good hockey. On several occasions the Flyers made a nice check, but as a result, the Pens moved the puck forward or cleared the zone on a power play. The fans went nuts each time. Why are we rooting for different teams and clapping at the same time? Oh, because I’m applauding good hockey and you’re just thinking how awesome the hit was. Who cares that you’re down 2-0 and just lost 20 seconds of a power play – did you see that hit? The booing of Crosby was ridiculous. I expect some booing – it’s a sign of respect, but their constant abuse made me think that they really think he sucks. He’s a pussy and the only reason he is good is because the NHL and refs have his back and give him every call. Absolute buffoons.

I’ve seen my hometown teams in the following cities, and I’ve never been treated anything close to this: Detroit, Chicago, Boston, New York, Houston, St. Louis, Cleveland and Baltimore. Yes, even Cleveland is civilized compared to Philly.

If you ever plan to watch your hockey team in Philly, especially in the playoffs, follow these rules and you will probably make it out OK…

1. Check your ego and dignity at the car (not the door, the car). Bringing these items with you will get you killed.
2. Do NOT wear a hat. If you do, you’re just begging for a confrontation.
3. Avoid direct eye contact.
4. Try to wear your team’s shirt with nothing on the back – this will limit the attacks from behind.
5. Keep at least one buddy with you at all times.
6. Avoid the bathroom as much as possible.
7. Remain in your seats after the game. Stay until the usher asks you to leave.
8. Use the escalator – do NOT use the stairwells. This was recommended to us by the usher after the game. She said if we take the stairs, we’re on our own.

Go Pens!

Flyers Almost Gone

From: [email protected]

I am a huge fan of your site! I hate everything about Philly; the people, the city, ect…
Please do me a favor, a flood your site with pictures of all the CRYERS boo hooin after the Pens kick their ass tomorrow.
Also, a fuck you Scott Hartnell link would also be great (food for thought).

Thank you and keep up the good work

Need Eagle ammo!

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Subject: Need Eagle ammo!

So I’m dating this amazing girl whom I really dig, problem is shes an Eagle fanatic. Actually, her whole family is. I need ammo, tired of getting bombarded by Eagles fans and only relying on a few snippets of info to come back with. Thanks in advance.

I think this should be opened up to the readers here. I know you got plenty to say.

Only in Philadelphia

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Subject: Only in Philadelphia

Fans celebrate the raising of their team’s championship flag by getting into a fight.

I don’t know who you think you are!

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Subject: I don’t know who you think you are!

I recently visited your phillysucks website, and by reading less than one article, I can tell that you’re from around NY. Just how many times do you need the Phillies to beat your teams to finally get it? Philadelphia teams are just overrall better at their games. (With the exception of the Eagles, even I see your point there, I blame it on Reed.) But anyway, I would appreciate it if you would back off, and realize that we DID beat you this year, and you don’t need a countdown on your site. How would you feel if your team won it all and broke their curse, and someone trashed it? It’s a slap in the face. For winning the World Series? It’s a great accomplishment for Philadelphia, so give us props. The Mets haven’t won since 1986, and that’s probably before you were even born. And even with that, they only have 2 world series victories. So what’s that? The same amount of the Phillies? I thought so. Think about what you say next time before you bash on other teams. We’ve gone through more heartbreak in our teams than you can imagine. So get off your high horse and realize that YOU LOST and GET OVER IT.
Get help.