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I just wanted to say that this web site tells it all. I work with an Eagles fan, and I can see his frustration of how much the Eagles suck, but can’t do anything about it. The Eagles will suck again this year, next year, and then the year after that, and the ten years after that. He knows it, but yea, as I read in some of the “Eagles’ fans” emails, he will still be loyal, but if Eagles fans want to except the fact that they will always cheer for losers their whole lives, then let them. I hear jokes everyday about how they will not suck this year, and how this is “the year”, c’mon, who are they kidding? And what’s this talk about having a “hardcore stadium” that no visiting team wants to go to? Whoop-de-doo if yall have a jail. That does not make the Eagles any better, it just goes to show that the fans have anger that they never win, and have to take it to that level. What’s the count at now for Philly not winning a championship? 23+ years? And that’s cool that you are still loyal to your teams even though they suck. But when I was growing up and playing sports, I was brought up to win it all or go home. But I guess they don’t practice that in Philly.

thank you

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i am a ranger jets cowboys and yankees fan and i referecne your site alot thank you for helping me get the point that philly sucks

Singing Off Key

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I am new to your site. My son sent me the link and we will root for any team except the EAGLES or could that be the E-GIRLS!! They all sing off key and the fans sound just as bad singing as they do when they lose.

Their fans are the biggest babies when they lose – they should be use to it by now – and they are the most obnoxious people on the face of the earth when they amazingly are able to win a game.

Keep it going- maybe the losers will pick a winning team!!!

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Hate Mail???

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Subject: Hate Mail???

Hi there…
My name is Ian Murray iam a 15 year old and an AVID Philadelphia Sports fan.
I just wanted to say this is NOT hate mail, i just wanted to tell you personally how extremely IDIOTIC these people sending you hate mail are. I understand that you are a Disgruntled Philly fan, these people think you DONT WANT the philly teams to win, and iam only 15 and i can even see thats not the situation. They are SOO hipocritical, no TRUE philadelphia fan can sit there and say that they have never said “THEY SUCK!” and the Eagles lose in the SuperBowl, or the Phillies fall 1 game back of the Wildcard, you wouldnt be DieHard if you didnt.