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Have Faith Philly Haters

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Subject: Have Faith Philly Haters

Have no fear Philly haters, The Phillies still have to play teams like the Marlins and Pirates, and you know what happens when they play opponents that suck. They shot their load against the Mets.

Awesomest Page on the Interwebs

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Subject: Awesome page you have
I enjoy reading how miserable the city of Philadelphia is in sports. You have any pictures which show Phillies suck or something like that….just like the one I have attached but instead of yankees its the phillies or any other sports team in that city?

Thanks for making that site.

bart  yankees suck

Whole Lotta Strikeouts

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Subject: Ryan Howard close to all time single season K record.. fyi

the new golden boy is getting very close to having more K’s in a season then anyone ever before… left Dunn in the dust recently.. he made top 13 in his MVP season last year.

Single season strikeout records (batters):

Adam Dunn – 195 (2004)
Adam Dunn – 194 (2006)
Bobby Bonds – 189 (1970)
José Hernández – 188 (2002)
Bobby Bonds – 187 (1969)
Preston Wilson – 187 (2000)
Rob Deer – 186 (1987)
José Hernández – 185 (2001)
Pete Incaviglia – 185 (1986)
Jim Thome – 185 (2001)

Get a Life

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Subject: the game!!!

Get a life buddy you; have too much time on your hands!!!!!!

They Like Losing

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Subject: (no subject)

The eagles have had possibly the worst offseason losing 3 key players i guess they like their current rate of winning nothing.

Phillies Won’t Win

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Subject: The Phillies won’t win the division get over yourselves.

How come whenever the Phillies come within three games of the Mets Phillies fans talk as if they have the division lead? Even if they are still in third they talk about first as if second isn’t there. Everyone of the Philly imbeciles run their mouths. I hear things like when Utley comes back tht they will catch the Mets. When Utley was there they were behind them so what difference does it make. Phiadelphia sucks.

Here We Freakin’ Go Again

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Subject: Here we freakin’ go again…………

Well football season is here and all the blind, drunken loyal homers come out of their double wides to let us all know that “This is their year”. And by judging all the shit head chants at the Sillies games it looks like once again they believe it. Well let me be a beacon of light in the vast homerism darkness called Philthy sports. First, you do not deserve a championship (Superbowl) second, as long as McChokey is your QB you will never win one. Thirdly, your town has become the living joke of north america. And to boot does it even matter? The AFC wins the Superbowl AGAIN.

Paul, you can say anything you want but untill the win a SUPERBOWL, they have not won shit. Cut it anyway you want, they have not won shit!

And as a side note, when your murder count is more than one a day, you must have some fucked up shit going on down there. Get your little buddy Johnny Street of the fucking phone and on the streets, as well as the fattest govenor in the country Rendell. Get his lard ass down there to help, lord knows he only cares about that shit hole and not the rest of Pa. I say Annex Philthy from the rest of the state and merge it into Camden, would anyone notice?

Killadelphia out……