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Phuck the Phillies

Not an email, but found on Youtube.

H/T @kierankelly on the tweets

Can’t Have Hate

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Keep hating on Philly. We love it :) And remember, haters only hate the things they can’t have, and the people they can’t be.


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Subject: WFC

Boston? Come on, I expected this from a dirty New Yorker. All you did was complain about curses, you had the Celtics. We had nothing. I love this city with all my heart as a native, but it’s a great place. I don’t mind the Boston teams…we should settle our differences by going over our mutual hatred for the cesspool known as New York City.

Ah the return of football

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Subject: Ah the return of football

Well I haven’t checked the site in awhile and since pre season is upon us, I figured it’s time to check back with my favorite site, especially since the Eagles just signed Vick.

What the fuck? I’m sure every fan out there will be jumping up and down today, saying how great of a thing it is. Vick is a great player, to bad the Eagles are a team full of scrubs. Sure Vick had problems and well honestly probably should be with the Eagles. It’s a perfect recipe for destruction. Andy Reid is quoted in saying he gave him a second chance because of the things his family has been going through. Really what that means is, I like fuck ups, I actually love fuck ups.

Some things I’m wondering.
1) When will the Eagles fan start saying “This is the year” ?
2) When will I be able to get a Vick Jersey for my Dog?
3) What must McNabb be thinking? Sure he says he’s cool, but Vick can move alot better then all man Downagain McNappy. Will Eagles fan now start saying they never really like McNabb and they’ll be happy to see him go.
4) What will his mom say? You all know his mom never shuts up when her son is in the news.
5) Who will be the first to get herpes from Ron Mexico?
6) Can I get a Ron Mexico Eagle Jersey?

Fucking stupid Eagles.

Here you go Bird fans, here is another year to do your chants, sing your songs and say this is ‘The year”.
Face it, it’s not going to happen…ever.

Only 22 weeks or so and you guys will see.




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Subject: Questions

Well who the hell are you a fan of shithead???? Phillies for life!! Flyers
for Life! Fuck the Eagles and 76ers though!

Hate songs?

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Subject: songs?

do you know any non-explicit songs that trash philly?



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Subject: Pirates

When was the last time the Pirates won a World Series?? 1979!! Disco was still popular! Jimmy Carter was the President. The minimum wage in the U.S. was $2.90/hr. I dont see them winning anything for a long long long time!