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Eagles suck

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Subject: Eagles suck

The Eagles suck so bad I heard that Mr. Dyson, Hoover, Kenmore and several other vacuum cleaners want to put a patten on them because they out suck all major name brands.

Eagle jokes

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Subject: Eagles jokes

Hear that Jerome McDougle is coming out
with a rap album?
It’s #1 With a bullet!

What’s TO’s favorite alcoholic beverage?
Wine! Sitting here drinking Gossamer Bay,
Watching the Eagle Season fade away.

A poem.

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Subject: A poem.

Twas the night before the playoffs
And throughout the NFL
The entire league was laughing
At the franchise from hell

It started in September
As the birds traveled South
When a 150 lb Corner
Punched big Jerimiah in the mouth

The Georgia Dome was rocking
Likes waves crashing in to Maui
“Lavalas up the middle”
Uh – Oh, Little Donnie got an owie.

Sports hernia! Fibula! Lis Franc!
What’s the reason?
Maybe these fragile boys will
Toughen up for next season

The loses mounted
And kept getting worse
When the Eagles went to Dallas
Did they get smoked? Of course!

I thought the Eagles were good
And they had the great TO
But that didn’t work out now did it?
No Philly Yo. Just Ho Ho Ho.

The rematch with Dallas:
For revenge Philly was hopin’
And it looked pretty good
Til McNabb found Roy – wide open!

And then came Seattle
At home, we should win!
But the only sound heard at the Linc
Was a lonely dropped pin.

But there is salary cap space
Player acquisition is the goal
But management won’t spend the money
Instead of free agents, you’ll only get coal

Rooting for the Eagles
Now there’s a lost cause
Oh well you can always egg buses
And boo Santa Claus

Philly sucks….but its the fans

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Subject: Philly sucks….but its the fans

YO, I typed this site name on a whim, guessing it would have to exist. Rightly so. No offense to you personally, but its not your teams that suck so bad, its the fans. I live in central PA and can travel to DC, Pittsburgh, NYC, or Buffalo, equally as quick, I go to all of them. I have never seen more obnoxious fans than in Philly. I don’t know why, its really a sad reflection on the city. I go to 10 Steelers games and see 1 fight, I go to 1Eagles game and see 10 fights. Do these people think this helps the teams? It hasn’t….at least since the early 80’s


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Subject: counter

The counter on your main page reads 8240 days, etc which matches the 6ers counter, but the Phils counter is 9192 days. Am i missing something?

I do like the site though- i will always love the Phillies despite the sucking. At least Wade is gone now.



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I’ve been a Giant fan all my life, and I have to say that your site kicks ass. The video and audio montages sum up everything about that team and their wretched fans. Your site could use more pictures, movies, statistic charts and sound-bytes showing how the Eagles continue to choke, bungle and outright suck year after year, but truthfully, I personally wouldn’t waste that much time following a team that sucks so much.

Keep up the good work.

To Eagles Fans:

The 2005-2006 season is the kind of crap that happens to teams when their fans are as self-important, obnoxious and violent as Eagles fans are; it’s called ‘karma’, bitch. All home fans heckle fans of the visiting teams, but none are as outright despicable as Philly fans. Do yourselves a favor and stop throwing snowballs at Santa, stop shooting bottle rockets at the 49’ers and stop heckling little kids that are there for the visiting team. Most of all, stop referring to the team in the “Royal We”; you’re not on the goddamn team.

And if any of you have a problem with what I’m saying, all I can say is, “any time, anywhere”. Until then, I’ll be keeping myself warm with my Giants Superbowl XXI Champions sweater.

tooo funny

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Subject: tooo funny

Being from the Tampa area, I think this is one of the best sites ever! I
hate the Eagles and the Flyers. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks
Philly sucks.