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The Life of a Loser

From: [Email Removed]
Subject: (no subject)

It really must suck to be born into a life of a loser. The Cowboys will win another supper bowl before the eagles win their first.

The good news is they do have more stadiums than us.

I love this site keep up the good work, daxman007

Romos 67.5 million Smile

(pic named Romos_ 67.5_million_Smile.jpg)

Scumbag Giants Fan

From: [email protected]
Subject: Scumbag Giants Fan

Hey check out this white trash Eagle fan. He is the exact description many people use to describe Eagle fans. Fat, stupid, ugly, and racist. Imagine that. A man who contributes to putting millions of dollars in black men’s pockets being racist. The irony is just too much. Wait a second, why is that Eagle fan wearing a Giants jersey. Why is he cheering for the Giants? Hold on! That’s a Giants fan. Hahahaha, what poor excuse do you Giants fans have for this piece of scum who supposedly represents everything you hate? What a joke!

I still suck

From: [email protected]
Subject: You suck

Fuck you

eat shit

then knock your cousin up again

This is Gay

From: [email protected]
Subject: (no subject)

This e-mail is directed to the person who said Eagles fans get drunk and beat their wifes up.
Do you no where i can find some good Gay clubs?

Make that 42 years and counting now

From: [email protected]
Subject: Make that 42 years and counting now:

Right on Phillysucks, how about those shit eating Eagles? 5-7 and tanking fast, playoffs? Not this year ladies, can you all say “Tee times”. It makes me really happy to not hear all those drunken Eagirls chants in the store isles and no shitty flags on all the broken down white trash vehicles in philthy. What a quiet holiday we will all have. Thanks Andy Reid, I want to thank you for having a really fucked up season and making all of us haters real happy! Keep those media stories of your delinquent children coming, it is amusing. In closing, I want to thank for making a great website that is not afraid to tell those sister banging asswipes how bad their teams really SUCK! Thanks again. BTW: Flyers will not make the Stanley Cup finals anytime this decade!

You Suck/You Suck More

From: [email protected]
Subject: you suck

fuck you

ive heard your from Philly?

fuck you and your website

And a few minutes, he sends another email…

From: [email protected]
Subject: You suck dick

I would love to see your ass go to an Eagles Flyers Phillies or Sixers game and say all this shit. You would get your fucking ass beat so bad you would fucking kill yourself. I cant believe that someone from Philly would be this low to his own city. You are a fucking disgrace
You are a skid mark on society