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Why is one State or a very-common wealth so annoyingly different?

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Subject: Why is one State or a very-common wealth so annoyingly different?

Dear Phillysucks:

I could not agree more!

How is it possible, for a city and a common-wealth to continually manage to come out on the bottom of everything?

Everything philadelphia / pennsylvania does, is notoriously despicable. Have the highest heroin epidemic in the nation, the highest if not second highest accident rate in the nation. The second highest (behind Chicago), homicide rate in the nation….yet the residents of, are oblivious and defensive.

pennsylvania’s legislature is more arcane than philadelphia’s laws or lack of. Its been called the “heel state” everything from Katherine Kline, Kids for Cash, Sandusky & Penn State scandals. These are only the tip of an iceberg.

I regularly comment on new articles on and often receive rebuttals, indicative, they don’t get it.

The outstanding component, seemingly little can be done to thwart, is the lawlessness of pa drivers and how it impacts neighboring states.

I live in a rural part of Virginia, regularly witnessing a pa driver exceeding the speed limit, or cruising in the left lane – blind spotting those they pass. WHY DO THEY DO THAT?? When I have to pass another vehicle, I do so prodigiously and do not slow-down in THEIR F_ING BLIND SPOT.

I have found in life, I can better accept flaws, if I understand why they exist. philadelphia and pennsylvania baffle.

It’s good to be able to vent, I welcome your venting too and your feedback!