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Daulton Clock

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Subject: Daulton Clock

Thats funny shit adding the “Daulton clock”. The guy is totally off his rocker. You could add a clock counting down the time until his next DUI. Probably in a few weeks…..

Not Jealous

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It’s sad that you have to make a web site just because you are jealous of the best fans in America. You wish you were a part of this crowd. I love it how all these fans talk about how philly sucks, why don’t they worry about their own team. Oh yeah prolly because they’re terrible. So don’t be salty the championship will come and then you better watch out for the trash talking big time after that. I’m gonna go enjoy a cheesesteak and a philly soft pretzel and go watch an exciting big 5 basketball game. Yeah thats right 5 colleges in philly with good programs. You guys have fun watching slop. I’ll be back when villanova wins the ncaa championships. You probably don’t count that as a philly championship, but that just shows your stupidity once again. Later losers keep hatin’ we love it.

comment from caeser

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Subject: comment from caeser

thanks for the swift commentary. great work over on your site, i’ve been checking in on your counter for a while now. get ready to reset, i feel a sixers surge coming. in 2040.

Give Texas Back

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Check out Dallas
Not just Eagles fans hate Dallas.
Yeah the Eagles Superbowl history sucks, but Texas shouldn’t be part of America, hell give it back to Mexico. I’d never know the difference.

To The Point

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Fuck You!!

This Site Rocks

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Subject: This Site Rocks

It amazes me how Eagle fans love to remind us that their team finished first for three years, but where’s the ring? What a disgrace for a city!!! I am a big New York Rangers fan, yes I know they sucked the past seven years but now their improved, and they still at least won a cup in 94, but the Flyers have made the playoffs so many times and have done nothing! Philly fans wonder why there is a site up about their teams. They should shutup and accept that their city is abysmal piece of trash.

Great site bro!!!

Skins fan

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This is the BEST site I have ever seen! I am a longtime Washington Redskins fan.I live in New Jersey and make the trek to Fed Ex 4 times a year.I split season tickets with a friend.I never take the Eagles game because they are ALL houligans,drunks and just trouble makers,not there for the game but to start fights.I would root for the Giants and Cowboys before I ever root for the eagles.I would root for anyone over the eagles.Just counting eagle fans:
Washington Redskins 3 Super Bowl championships
Filthadelphia Eagles 0 Super Bowl Championships
But whose counting………
Go Skins!!