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You tell him

Note: This is a response to an emailer which can be found in the old email section.

From: [email protected]
Subject: Comment

Hey Lewpac, the guy from a few posts ago.

You’ve got a lot to say for someone who’s almost fifty years old and thinks
“funner” is an actual word.

You’re one of those typical guys that grew up in this area who was a Cowboys fan since he was a kid. Most of you were too spineless to root for the hometown team and just to be an asshole to the others around you suddenly became a Cowboys fan when they were good and the Eagles weren’t.

A friend of mine when I was a kid had a good name for you guys – “frontrunners”.
Whoever was successful, you jumped on their bandwagon. Now, I could see if there were a few guys around here like this, but it seems like there are a lot of Cowboys fans that live in the Philly area. They always call into WIP to brag whenever the Eagles go through a rough time. It just seems awfully strange that there are so many.

That’s my two cents.

Nice ending

From: [email protected]
Subject: (no subject)

Dude, you are a fucking loser. You don’t have anything better to do with
your time than talk trash on Philly teams. Get a clue man, Philly teams AND
THEIR FANS are the best bunch of people in the world. Obviouslly you have
no clue about sports and probably grew up playing with barbie’s and wearing
skirts. Your shit is weak, it takes a real big man to talk shit on a
website, why don’t you try coming down to the Linc for a home game and talk
some smack. Yea the Eagles are so bad, so bad that they’ve won the NFC East
5 out of the last 6 years. So maybe the NFC is a little weak, that’s not
our problem, what’s that say for the other loser teams in the division, they
all suck balls. Any time you wanna talk shit like a real man face to face,
let me know, I’ll meet you down by the Sports Complex. The difference
between Philly fans, and the rest of you other faggots out there is we stick
with our team no matter what, and we’ll kick your teeth down your throat if
you like to talk shit. So bring it on you fucking loser. And while your at
it make sure to bring your mom around, I hear she’s a cum guzzling slut.

Myspace weirdo

From: [email protected]

Whats going on. You gave me an idea to make a page of my own about filthadelphia. If you or anybody has a myspace page type in my e-mail when you search for my page. Its [email protected] It has everything on there that you are going to laugh at. FUCK THE EAGIRLS. G-I-A-N-T-S GIANTS.

Second email, same day…

From: [email protected]

check out my myspace page about the filthy eagirls.

Happy Valentines Day!

From: [email protected]
Subject: (no subject)

Eagles suck!!!!!!!!!

Too Much Time To Write This

From: [email protected]
Subject: Nice Life

Hey buddy nice website. Good to see you have the time to really sit down and do this. I’m suprised your not out with the friends you never had (aka the kids who picked on you in high school) or the girlfriend you’ll never have. So if you come home to your 5 cats tonight and read my e-mail I have a few things for you and all the other superfans on here to think about.

1. Anyone from New Jersey should have no vote in sports matters. You dont have a team (hockey doesnt count as a sport and the Nets will be in Brooklyn by the time you get this E-mail). You are in New Jersey for a reason so don’t act like some big New York fan or Philly fan. People from NJ are a joke so I only laugh at them when they talk about “their” sports teams.

2. I dont think I have ever met a Cowboys fan who was actually from Dallas. Dallas fans all grew up in the 90’s and remmeber Troy Aikmen and Emmit. I would say a good 75% arent even located or ever were located in the state of Texas. And I’m sure some asshole from Dallas will write back “Im from Dallas!!” (great buddy do you want a fucking parade?). People from Texas are just naturally slower and dumber than the rest of the country. Maybe they’ll understand what I’m saying in 10 years when they compute it.

3.Giants fans are 90 year old men who dont even cheer at the game. They always play at 1 o’clock because anything later they might be in bed. I go to college in New Jersey and that was a big story on the news how it was an outrage that a Giants game got moved to 4 o’clock. Half the Giants fans don’t even start watching until the Tigers or Red Sox beat the billion dollar team anyway. They all think football starts in November.

4.Yankees fans are just annoying dirty New Yorkers and more wannabees from Jersey. I hate how they people in Jersey SWEAR they are sooooo close to New York so that means they are from New York. Hey assholes the Delaware River is close to New Jersey why don’t you all jump into that.

5. The Mets should be New Jersey’s team because they epitomize New Jersey terrible and wannabee New York (aka the Yankees). I watch the Mets ruin atleast 4 different players careers a year. Whenever someone signs with the Mets i send a sympathy card to their family.

I just wanted to throw these out there cause my friend (a big “Tampa Bay” fan from Jersey) thought this website was soooo funny and HAD to show me. I’ll admit I got a good laugh and your pretty funny, but some of your followers who have E-mails on here are border line retarded. If you want anyone could send me some teams they like and when I get a chance I’ll tell them why they suck and are horrible. Don’t forget Hockey sucks and its for fags and im a diehard Philly fan but that includes the Flyers and and other Hockey team. If I want to watch a bunch of old white men (and yes I’m white, but the Nazi Hockey Leaguei s ridiculous) try to play a sport I’ll go to the local YMCA and watch them play a pickup game of basketball. Thanks for the time.

How many times do I have to explain this?

From: [email protected]
Subject: Eagles

In 2004, the Philadelphia Eagles were 1st NFC East and
Won Conference Championship against the Falcons 27-10 im pretty sure championship is in that title and you can shut up.

How many times do I have to explain this?

News to him

From: [email protected]
Subject: (no subject)

You mean 46 F’ng years since the eagels won????