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Why Philly Sucks So Bad

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Subject: Why Philly Sucks So Bad


Here are a few ………….

Philadephia was the Nation’s Capital prior to DC but the city and it’s residents were such an embrassement to visitors it was easier to build an entire new city than it was to fix Philadelphia.

Philadelphia sports is so pathetic that their most revered sports figure is a ficticious movie character – Rocky Balboa.

They cheer Rocky but boo Mike Schmidt … one of the 3 or 4 greatest 3rd basemen in MLB history.

When the 49ers played the Eagles in 1989 in the famous Montana comeback game they dubbed it the “team of the 80s vs the team of the 90s”. Fairly presumtuous on their part. How did that work out? Ironic it was their hated rival, the Cowboys, took the Team of the 90s honor.

They took a bounty out on Dallas’ punter. Seriously?

They threw snowballs with batteries in them at Santa Claus.