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Please post this….

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Love your website! Please post this:

I was born in Philadelphia, but moved far away in my 20’s for almost a 10 years, and now that I’m back in Philadelphia, I can honestly say that I’m truly disappointed and disgusted in Philadelphia and one day I will leave again for good.

What people are saying on this website is all true. Philadelphia is going down the drain. Back in the 70’s, and further back, Philadelphia use to be made up of working class blue collar people who took pride in their communities, but today, many working blue collar jobs are gone, and people from the old generation/guard either moved, or died. So now, unfortunately, many areas have just fell to pieces and in many parts of the city (pretty much everywhere!) illegal drugs have moved in, particularly, heroin.

And aside from the drugs, the city is depressing as there are so many buildings and homes that are dilapidated and trash is everywhere. Add in all the crime, then there is no point in leaving your home. Hell, many students I have spoken to who went to Temple each and every one of them was robbed at some point during their college years.

As far as people, I don’t know why, but, Philadelphians are a very rude and nasty group of people who take kindness for a weakness. People from Philly seem to take pleasure in being rude to people for no reason and it stretches all the way out into the suburbs. People don’t smile or nothing, and people give you these blank cold stares. It’s part of the culture now, so Philly needs to be refereed to as the “city of hate” from now on because that’s all people do around here.

Also, I meet so many people from Philly that have no life and no personality. People here just lack charisma and are dead to me. Just walking zombies no matter how well they seem to be doing in life.. All people do in Philly is work, obsess about about sports, and obsess over their own personal boring family life. No matter how old people are around here most Philadelphians have no idea that life even exist outside of philly because they have never even visited the next state over, let alone visited other exotic counties full of rich and ancient culture like I have.

In the end, Philly is dying and everything is going to go from bad to WORSE if things don’t change anytime soon! Philly needs a massive injection of art, culture, hope, inspiration, a once over with a bulldozer in the crime ridden areas, and young people who will lay off the drugs and will work hard to rebuild their communities to get back to pre 1950’s success/status.

Two words: I 95

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Subject: Two words: I 95

From 2nd and south st I dare you to try to get on 95 south to get to the airport.
Winding down Delaware ave and then through toilet neighborhoods without a single sign for 50 minutes to go 5 blocks to finally get on the highway that’s right above you the whole time separating all life from what could be a nice waterfront so by the time you get out you feel like you escaped some fucking hell by pure chance. Awful. People honking at everyone, in a constant state of traffic anxiety I guess.

Not a fucking chance I would ever say “hey why don’t we go shopping on south street, grab a bite, and enjoy the city?”. Ever. Not worth it.

Might be the worst planning I’ve ever seen for a city with a waterfront.

Philly sucks.