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Subject: Enjoy!

Here is a thought… Why don’t you take your head and shove it directly up your own asshole. If sucking means having the BEST record in the NFL since 2000 then yeah your right we suck. But I bet your Mom sucks a lot better! In fact I know she does and her prices are rather reasonable. All it takes is a ticket to an Eagle game so she can watch a real team play and then she’ll take it all over her face. I have a counter on my desktop that counts how many Eagle fans your mom blows and she sure is busy. You should switch your site to and you can have pictures of your mom and all the Eagle fans shooting their load on her face.

Have a nice day!

Seahawks fan

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Subject: (no subject)

I strongly disagree with this website and everyones comments and e-mails I don’t know why there is such strong hate towards Philly teams since there are teams that are much worse. Anyway Go Seahawks

New Chant

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Subject: Chant

As a kid in the 70 and 80’s I remember my Dad chanting “Eagles Eat Shit, Eagles Eat Shit” after they would lose.

He’s still a fan though.

from one suffering philly fan to another

From: [email protected]
Subject: from one suffering philly fan to another

I just found your blog via Good Grief and I wanted to send greetings
from another Philly native who has suffered through one disastrous
season after another. I think the Phillies hold the record for being
the losingest team in all of pro sports. Pretty sad. It’s hard to be
from Philly. And I am still annoyed at how winnable last year’s Super
Bowl was. They really could have won that game. And then we would
have all been happy for the rest of our lives. We are not asking for
dynasties or anything, we just want ONE reasonable win that we can
rememeber. I was five when the Phillies won in 1980 so I hardly
remember it. I need ONE win that I can remember and tell my kids

Anyway I just wanted to say hi. And as futile and ridiculous as it is
to live here, I still love Philly. I even got my husband to give up
California and come here – he’s now been here 7 years.

you have issues

From: [email protected]
Subject: you have issues

The fact that you make the time to devote and entire site to philly sucking is pathetic. You should get a life. If the Eagles sucked so bad they wouldnt have been in 4 straight NFC title games, the SB last year, and had more wins than any team since 2000. Now I agree they should have at least one SB win but that doesnt mean they suck. They were a top 4 team in the league every year. Get over yourself and get a life. The Sixers were in the finals a few years ago and have struggled since, I agree, but make the playoffs every year. They don’t suck, they’re just not top-tier. There’s a difference. I won’t even address the Flyers because no one likes hockey. The point is, you are wrong and your whole sit is an opinion with no backing.

Grow Up

From: [email protected]
Subject: (no subject),

I just wanted you all to know what an honor it is for us to know that we have angered you so much, and have stirred so much hatred in you that you feel compelled make a site about us. Little do you know it, but in that we have defeated you.

No, I take that back. I don’t consider it a victory, I honsetly pity you and your viewers and actually consider it a downfall for my fellow human beings. Especially those who say there is someone they hate solely for being an Eagles fan or a Philly fan. I have family who are Cowboys fans and I love them with all my heart although I don’t like their team affiliation. If you truly hate someone for the sole purpose of something so mundane as sports, then I think you need to step back, take another look at your life, and rethink what is important.

And this is not just to those who hate Philly teams, it exists in Philly fans to, I will be the first to admit it.

To those who truly feel this way and feel so compelled to take time make a site, I give you one all inclusive counsel, grow up.

Lifelong and Proud Eagles fan

we can’t help it.

From: [email protected]
Subject: we can’t help it.

(Speaking as a lover of Philadelphia.)

So what if we’re a little pissy – you would be too.

It’s a matter of displaced anger. Our egos wont allow us to admit that
our city has some serious problems with sports, so we take it out on
the hardcore fans of other teams. Philadelphia is a teenager punching
pillows in a hormonal rage. The people of my city have hope and a
switchblade, and they’re willing to use either in the name of the
Eagles, the Phillies, etc. That, my friend, is respectable.

If I could say one thing to try to ease this feeling of failure hanging
above the people of Philadelphia, it would be this. We blow. It’s a
matter of admitting it. Maybe the next generation of knife-wielding,
obnoxious, proud fans will be able to hold their heads a little higher
than ours.