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Paragraphs = Foreign Concept?

From: [email protected]

This is site is just a way to show your pure jelousy of the love that Philly fans have for thier teams. I grew up with Philly blood in me even though I live in south Jersey. You people that come on here and say how great this fool is and how much you hate the Philly fans and the Eagles have no idea what loyalty and love for your team actually means. Life is about the journey you go through not the way it ends or the way you die, just as we believe our seasons are. Every Eagle fan can testify to the fact that there is no feeling like sitting or actually standing in the staduim of the Philadelphia Eagles, the team that you grew up watching. It’s an amazing feeling to watch them truimph and win over a rivalry or even just another team. It makes you feel as if you were a part of that win and you staying loyal to your team and just being there had something to do with it. Sure the Eagles have lost time and time again but just watching your team win one can inspire you again and again. I mean in the last five years we’ve had 2 seasons that we had to rely on 2nd and sometimes 3rd string quarterbacks, but we still manage to pull out a winning season and probably beat most of the teams who’s so-called fans are on here degrading the Eagles. You Giants fans, you must have felt cool when the Eagles beat you in the playoffs with thier 2nd string quarter back Jeff Garcia. Oh and how about the Falcons, New Year’s Eve, I’m almost positive the first string lasted only the first run and then we replaced them with our 3rd string and yeah thats right WE WON. Cowgirls? Yeah, best Christmas present I recieved that year. I mean sure there’s rivalries in this league and yeah us Eagles fans don’t like the Giants or the Cowboys so hey if your fans of either of those teams be my guest and begrade the Eagles because that’s what rivalries are all about but if your just some guy who thinks he’s cool jumping on the band wagon and hating the Eagles then you really need to get a life. And what about you who made this site? Do you really have no life that you sit and have the time to do this? You must be suffering from some kind of condition, did someone not love you enough as a child? I mean what is it? You people don’t have your own team to cheer for? Or basically, you just wish you had your own team and were a part of the fans and the craziness that comes with every game. I don’t know but I can tell you that there are no better fans then Philidelphia Fans. Fans who love thier teams and stay true even when seasons end rough. So yeah maybe the season ends and we sit and wait for the next to begin promising ourselves that “this is the season” time and time again but thats what fans are for. Fans are there to make the team feel as if the next season will be better, we’re here for our team through the wins and the losses and that is more then most of you can say. Eagle green is in my blood always and forever.

and to think I haven’t even touched on the pride and passion of the rest of the Philadelphia teams and thier fans.

E-A-G-L-E-S !

so, you can keep telling yourself that making this site somehow makes cool and a better fan to whatever teams you may like, but that’s still not going to make it true. Good luck conquering what ever illness you have and find someone to give you a hug or something, because you obviously didn’t have enough love in your childhood.


From: [email protected]
Subject: fuck you.

I hope you choke and die on this bullshit you are spoon feeding to yourself, as well as the masses. Yeah, so maybe Philly’s sports teams are not the best teams out there, but honestly who cares? The Philly fans sure don’t. We love watching the Phillies, Flyers, Eagles, and Sixers every chance we can get. It’s not about whether we’re winning or not. To all of those people that sent in emails telling us to stop bitching about Mcnabb being hurt, can all go fuck themselves because to be honest I did not hear one person bitch and moan, It was the media that made a big deal about it. No one was bitching and moaning because we(Philly fans) all know that Mcnabb gets hurt almost every season. It’s all a fun little game going on, it’s
all a matter of “when is Philly going to blow it,” not “when is Philly going to win,” and we just love it that way.

In closing I would like to address an email previously posted in November of 2006 that took shots at people from South Jersey who like the Philly teams..well obviously, we do not think that Philadelphia is part of South Jersey. We cheer for them as OUR team because..well quite frankly FUCK NORTH JERSEY AND THEIR BASKETBALL AND HOCKEY TEAMS, THEY MIGHT AS WELL BE GODDAMN NEW YORK TEAMS.


From: [email protected]
Subject: Web Site

Awesome site. I like it. Keep up the good work.

Well stated

From: [email protected]
Subject: (no subject)

Philadelphia fans are the most passionate fans in the country. Eagles fans are famous for taking over opposing teams’ stadiums, such as Kansas City a couple years ago, Miami on Monday night, Washington and New York every year (Dallas does not even count because their fans are awful – most of whom are not from Dallas – and every teams’ fans take over that stadium), just to name a few. This year the Flyers are awful, easily one of the worst years by any team in the past two decades of the NHL. However, when they played on the west coast, there were thousands of Flyers fans out supporting their team. There was a fight in the crowd in Montreal when the Flyers played there because the fans traveled up to watch that game. The Sixers have had the highest road attendance over the past 10 years. The Phillies’ fans have seen one chamionship in 123 years, yet they take over Fenway Park and Camden Yards when they play there, as well as FDR stadium in washington.

Philadelphia fans travel very well, and there is no denying that. It is universally known that Eagles fans travel the best out of any NFL team. (Eagles fans outnumbered Pats fans at the Super Bowl by 10-1). And considering we get nothing in return as fans, that only strengthens my argument that we are the best in the country. So all of the counters you have, as each second increases, that is one more reason why we are the most dedicated fan base.

– Go Phils

P.S. If Pittsburgh fans are so great, where is your basketball team? I heard it is in Kansas City. Oh wait, thats gonna be your hockey team. Those “great fans” out there cant even keep their teams. When an alcoholic Leonard Tose tried to secretly move the Eagles in 1984, our fans found out and collectively kept that team in Philadelphia. Those are real fans. One day we will see a championship, and it will be the greatest celebration you’ll ever see (it’s gonna be slightly more crowded than the 20,000 fans that attended NJ Devils championship parades in a PARKING LOT!)

Finally, compare the number of Eagles fans at a game in NY to the number of Giants fans at a game in Philly. It’s gotta be anywhere from 10 to 20 times more Eagles fans in NY. Embarrassing for NY fans.

Annoying New York Fan

From: [email protected]
Subject: p.a sukz dik

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Can someone please send me an idiot translator?

Sixers and Flyers Suckage

From: [email protected]
Subject: where are suckage stats for Sixers and Flyers?

Will there be a link of suckage stats for the Sixers and Flyers on your site? Something has to be said about the worst of all time 9-73 Sixers of ’72-’73. Even this year’s Sixers have more wins and the season is only about half over.

I just have not had the time to put together the data. This year is the worst Flyers season EVER and the Sixers have had their fair share. I will get to it eventually.

Pretty Accurate Prediction

From:[email protected]
Subject: (no subject)

Philly does Blow.

Quote me if you like, The Flyers will win the Stanley Cup Championship this season with a 15-60-7 record. I’m joking of course, but hey! There’s a chance.