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For the definition of a Philly fan go to….

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Subject: For the definition of a Philly fan go to…. and look up Butt Juice.

Read the first two definitions, then the 3rd.


phila is a dump

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Subject: phila is a dump

What a cesspoll up there…there mayor is a….the iggle fans are a curse to the team…

philly does suck

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Subject: philly does suck

yo dude, im from and unfortunately still live in philly…. philly does suck, really bad, but honestly your site sucks more then the city….. sports suck way more then philly, how about talk about how the city itself sucks rather then how much the sports suck………

well you know what, philly sucks really bad but you suck more for being any kind of sports fan…

A choke is a choke is a choke

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Subject: A choke is a choke is a choke~~~~

Donovan McChokey is a regular season superman and a post season choker. What is awsome is the intense quiet around her now! No more droaning on by the radio stations, no more drunken chants in the food isles. Awsome, Al Davis said it “Just choke baby”. They listened to him, thy listened. 1-4 in NFC Championships games and the majority of them ate home, hahahahaha comes to mind, As a side note I just wanted to say one thing

One for the other thumb!

5 rings

This is not cool

From the article:

According to a friend of Mrs. McNabb’s, “Go Cards” and other similar messages were burned into the front lawn one night last week. This had to be especially scary to the couple’s four-year-old daughter, Alexis, who was staying in the house with Roxie and the couple’s six-week-old twins. Apparently one of the culprits was identified after leaving a box at the scene with a mailing label affixed bearing his name and address, so we’re obviously not talking about criminal masterminds here. But it’s tough to imagine that anyone over the age of eight doesn’t understand that burning something on the lawn of a house occupied by African-Americans carries deeper social overtones that are highly disturbing.


Subject: B E A UTIFUL!

Ha- I got worried there for a brief second there last night, but it was only a second.

Congrats Eagles you guys did it again, you blew it and proved everyone on this site right yet again!
You can’t bring the level of play where it needs to be when it matters. You draft a bunch of show boating son of a bitches who will dance for no reason, get in the faces of coaches, drop the ball a yard before the end zone because they think they’re the shit, and make stupid phone calls. All that but they still can’t win. It would be different if the playing was that good that the show boating was deserved but, sorry it’s not, it just makes you look like a team of losers.
Then the excuse that, those players add a chemistry to the team that no other team has, it fires up everyone. HA, what does it fire them up to do, loose? Because if that was the game plan, they’re doing a bang up job!
It’s amazing how fast the fans are already turning on their beloved Eagles. Not to mention all the “flags” that weren’t thrown excuses I’m hearing.
What will they do next year when WestBrooke leaves?
Good try Eagle fan, when will you guys just accept the fact your team is never going to win the big game?

Good luck next time.
Thanks for playing.

WHAT is your problem???

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Subject: WHAT is your problem???

Your sociopathy? Your inbred hatred of something about which you apparently know precious little?

Presumably, you are a New York type. And that’s wonderful. What do you like best about that? That charming sewer accent? The most belligerent fans in pro sports? The vertical lifestyle and short tempers on a daily basis? The daily rip-offs in restaurants, stores, taxis (if you can find one where the driver speaks English other than “Twenty Dollars”)?

Really, what is it? You like living in a one-room hovel for $1,500 a month?

Seriously, my socially-challenged amigo, you need examined.