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i love this site, u speak the truth,, really eagle fans shouldn’t get mad…they cant help it that they sux…at least philly is good at something they love to give great players away.. T.O, Aberu…

love to hate this site

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Subject: love to hate this site

Just gotta say this…everything you say is true…all the suckage stats, the ownerships, the teams and most of all…us philly fans.
This site exposes our teams’ darkest secrets and how the rest of the country pictures philly fans. This site reminds me WHY I am a Philly Fan. I think it’s awesome! This is a pretty funny site and you keep it honest…yet in the same time, it’s sad.
I mean look at our EAGLES. The whole Mcnabb & TO thing and the 4 straight NFC Championship LOSSES!Don’t FORGET THE Superbowl LOSS!, I can’t wait to see T.O. kick our dead asses at the Linc. ( 160 yrds, 3tds)… The 76ers with A.I., The Flyers..(I can go on for hours about that soap opera, and let’s not forget about the Sillies and that so-called Major League Baseball team. Does it sound like this site is making me turn to the darkside? Yeah? Well, it hurts and the only thing to make me and other philly fans to feel better about it is to vent…it stings when we loose and yeah I’m tired of hearing about next year or our team was playing without so and so or we had injuries…Oh, we don’t have a goalie, we don’t have any defense, T.O. hurt POOR Donovan’s feelings!!! BULLSHIT!!! GO GET SOME FUCKIN’ CHUNKY SOUP YOU BIG BABY!!! THE MONEY I SPENT…THE TIME I SPENT… ON GAMES, PARKING, CONCESSIONS STANDS, GAS, STUPID SEATING LICENSE…COME ON! AND MEMORABILIA!?!?
I LOVE my teams SO MUCH I HATE them.

j from philly

This page is wrong

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Subject: This page is wrong

I have been a Eagles fan since I was 7 and i am 20 now. I was born in Delaware but it was my mom who was born in PA. that turned me on to football and the Eagles. I don’t trash talk like the other mean spirited people that send you e-mails because that is just a sign of poor sportsmanship. I watch football to be a loyal Eagles fan and not some yelling jerk at a game like some of the people on your site describe most Philly fans to be. I have never abandoned this team even after the disappointing 6-10 2005 season and i plan to watch the games of their upcoming season. I believe the Eagles will win a Super Bowl in the near future despite what others say. There is nothing wrong with being a fan of this team yet your website implies that it is wrong to be a fan of all philly teams. Do you honestly think that none of these teams will ever win a championship again? This website is just an example of poor taste on your part and should have not been created in the first place just so you can remind philly fans of when was the last time their teams won something. I don’t expect you to post this on your page and i could care less but would appreciate it if you read it at least once.

– Eagles Fan


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Well i must say your site is comical. I’m from south
jersey and I’m all about the Flyers. Couldn’t agree
more about firing Clarkey…. last season he signed 2
pylons named Rathje and Hatcher that look like
concrete blocks with skates(forgot to mention he
locked them up for 3 years!). Than this year he signs
scrubs and a 35 year old wash up named Geoff
Sanderson! But even though I’m born in Philly… i
hate the phillies, sixers, and eagles… well their
just boring sports *shrug*. There’s really not many
bad stats about the Flyers…. but I’m sure you’ll
find em. You suck!


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Subject: WOW

Dude you need to get a life. We Philadelphia fans all know what losers our teams are but just because you are probably a Dallas Cowgirls fan, you shouldn’t be ragging on Philadelphia. Here’s an idea. Create a website about how your sucky sports team got beat by a much better Philadelphia team. The Phillies will get better, and so will the Eagles and the Sixers just suck I’ll agree there, but look at the once-feeble Detroit Tigers who now own the best record in baseball! Philly fans have more heart and soul than fans from anywhere else. We are willing to believe that our year is coming, and we are not one of those baseball cities who have a sellout just when the NY Yankees come to town. Our fans actually care about their teams, so go back to watching your DVD of the NE Patriots and their successes in the past 5 years. You’re probably a Yankee fan too so I guess you can’t take the pain of losing sometimes…anything is possible…ya gotta believe it!

Fuck Philly

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Subject: Fuck Philly

What pisses me off the most about pilly is how every year the eagle fans say that the eagles are without a dought winning it all. I always think to myself surely they must realize how much they are going to suck the next season but no, they dont! I dont get how most of the town can realize thats the other philly teams suck but not the eagles. I actually got on dumbass eagle fan that I know to bet me at the beginning of the season that they will not win the superbowl. The next season i tried to get him to bet me again but he wouldent, I asked him why not was it actually possible he finally thought that the eagles were not going to win it all? he just said ” you at least have to admit they are the best franchise in all of sports”… right after he said that i almost punched him the fuck out

Silly Eagles Fan, there’s no ring for choking

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Subject: Silly Eagles Fan, there’s no ring for choking

Quote: “And when we DO win a championship WE’LL BE EVEN MORE ANNOYING.”
Is that even possible (on both counts)?
So you take pride in being considered sub-human? good on you mate! At least you have goals in life.

I think the best day for me was Feb 6th, 2005. Actually it was the day after. I was in the Philly area and I was listening to all the local radio stations whine like the president had just been shot. I was pissing my pants laughing as I listened to all the Eagles fans cry like babies.
Oh, and here’s some great stats to be proud of –
-The Eagles are 24th out of 26th for Super Bowl Standings.
-They were outscored 51 to 31 with a .000 winning percentage.
– Out of 26 teams who have made it to the Superbowl, only 9 teams haven’t walked away with a victory. (The Eagles being one of them)
As for other stats –
-From 1970-2000, the Eagles only won the division twice. (Isn’t it convenient that their memory only spans the past 5 years?)
-Last but not least, Let’s do a count on how many SuperBowl rings the “Birds” have? Oh, that’s right. Zero!

Anyway, love the site! Keep up the good work.
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