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wow that is sad

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Subject: wow that is sad

my freind sent me this site that is sad im not actully from philly (im from jersey) but im a big phillies fan i was to young to remember the 80′ world series when we won it all but i still remember when we lost to the blue jays in 93′ (i still have not recoverd from it ) i think we have a good chance this year though i dont care about the other teams that havent won a championship football hockey and baskettball fans are morons and have no class any way

Lots of gems to pick out in this email, but I will let you all discuss.

Your site is useless now

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Subject: Your site is useless now

The Philadelphia Soul the ArenaBowl. There you have it. A Major Professional Philadelphia Sport Team won a Championship. This website shouldn’t exist anymore. Enough said.

The tens of people are celebrating in the streets!

Lots of fun to watch the Soul. Nice season. Not quite the same level. You are fooling yourself if you believe that.


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Subject: Yep
Our franchises seem to be happy with being just good enough to keep people in the seats. Flyers usually put a decent squad on the ice, but decent doesn’t cut it when it comes to championships. Eagles have needed a top notch reciever since they got rid of TO, and still haven’t addressed it. Phils have a good young core, but they need starting pitching, and the sixers are usually a trainwreck. I agree the streak needs to end. You should stop hating though, you must be from pittsburgh.


y just y

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Subject: y just y

dude your a dumbass the philly athletics won 5 world series. Lets see take a stroll through sports. Met’s tisk… tisk… greatest collapse in sports history to who… the PHILLES. the nats and the braves can stay close. the marlins don’t have the pitching to compete in September. actually we don’t the pitching either but are O is amazing. To the 76ers. celtics they will be done in 2 seasons. knicks… enough said. raptors bosh will be out soon because of their lack to keep big name players. the nets.. we’ll see ya in Brooklyn. The eagles I’m a realistic fan and admit that the end is comin soon. just like the economy teams will have there depressions. and they are close to one. the flyers are on the rise. the rangers r screwed isles are in a hole and NJ will only have is brodeur dynasty for 2-3 years. Now to the pens in the next 5 years this will become the biggest rivalry in the NHL malkin-cosby-stall vs. Richards-carter-briere. C WERE NOT FUCKING TERRIBLE ITS JUST WE ARE ABOVE-AVERGAR TO GOOD TEAMS. WE WILL HAVE OUR MOMENT. THE END OF AND ERA IS COMIN FAST… AND I DON’T MEAN YANKEE STADIUM I MEAN THE DROUGHT.

Philly Doesn’t suck

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Subject: Philly Doesn’t suck

When a philly team wins a championship what will happen to your website?

Look a few posts down dude…

Great Site, Nothing New

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Subject: great site

I thank you for this site. but again I see the phila fans can never come up with nothing new, it’s the same old thing your team sucks or some gay comment. But what town is called the city of brotherly love Hum ! something wrong with that. Keep up the good work!!