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Subject: Hahahah

This site is a joke. You can’t even compile stats for the Flyers because they are good every season. Enjoy your parents basement you waste of life. Please don’t visit Philly I don’t think you could handle it.

You are right. Lame on my part. The site has only been around since 2002 and I never finished each page because I was lazy. Their all time record was not easy to find back then. The Flyers are good and have always been good. No doubt about that.

According to Wikipedia, the all time record is Games 3734 Wins 1867 Losses 1340 Ties 457 OT 70 Points 3851 GF 12443 GA 10957.

Anyway, if I cared a little bit more I would update that page, but I don’t, so there you go.

Do they suck?

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Subject: Hi

Hi I’m Steve do the Philadelphia teams really suck this bad or what? If breaking hearts were championships these teams would fucking rule.are Philly fans happier when these teams underachieve. Help me understand

Long Subject

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Subject: Found the site by accident, seems pretty out of date and old. More than a little unoriginal. Cheers.

So is writing the whole email in the subject line…