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We Suck

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To: [email protected]
CC: [email protected]
Subject: you suck

fuck you that countdown are ending this year so FUCK YOU GO PHILLY

No idea who that cc: is going to.

Philly is for Losers

From: [Email Removed]
Subject: Philly is for Losers

Again, I was driving down the road and the result is…..


virginia is for lovers

philly is for losers


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Subject: Q

what happens if we win a championship? does your ticker start at zero and does your site’s name change to “”? also, are you from philadelphia, because to me it makes more sense for someone from this town to make a website about how bad their teams have been year in year out. And the site seems kind of lame if someone from new york or DC made it.
either way, i agree. We’ve made sucking our ethos.

Yet Another Facebook Group

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Subject: (no subject)

This has to be the greatest site ever created. Finaly someone else realizes that philidelphia teams all suck ass. I tried created a facebook group called flyers suck ( but i think i have more people in that who like the flyers and are just pissed off at me than people that hate the flyers. But someone posted a link of your website and i found the greatest website ever from that.
keep it up man (Y)

Idiots with no life like YOURSELF

From: [email protected]
Subject: Idiots with no life like YOURSELF

How was the parade today? Oops, forgot…YOU LOST.

How did your PRO Basketball team do in the playoffs? Oops, forgot, you don’t have one of them.

How the heck are the Pirates doing??? Oops, forgot, they SUCK, not even 500. FYI you haven’t had a winning season in 15 years.

Guess with all that to look forward to I would have nothing better to do with my sorry excuse for a life but to develop an idiotic web site that know one cares about. Here’s a thought…rename your existing to PITTSBURGH SUCKS.

Good luck signing all of those Penguin free agents. Hope Sid dried his teary eyes. It’s hard to dive and wine to the refs while crying.



100 Seasons of Losing

From: [email protected]
Subject: User Submitted Image

I have an image that pretty much captures the essence of Philly sports over the past 25 years in my eyes.

Thanks for the site.


Pens – Wings

From: [email protected]
Subject: Pens – Wings

Wow, 2 inches away from tying game 6 with no time remaining. That hurts big time.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!

LET’S GO FLYERS!!!!!!!!!!