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fuck the chase utley

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Subject: fuck the chase utley

chase utley is another fag motherfucker. i can break his back and make him humble

how long until the next time

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Subject: how long until the next time

Not this year. They aren’t going to make the playoffs this year. And just think Amaro before the end of July is really going to help make it a lot longer before they play in the world series again. He will trade Happ or Bastardo, and Donald, and Taylor, and Carrasco or Drabek for Peavy or Halliday.They will pitch good but not good enough. They will not be able to aford them in the future. And They will have gauranteed the team they traded all these future allstars to a trip to the world series. The Phillies have won their world series for this century. The next one should be in about 3019.