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Couldn’t agree more!

From: [email protected]
Subject: Couldn’t agree more!

I’m stuck in philadelphia for the next couple of years, but can’t wait to get the hell out! When I first learned that I was moving to philly, I was excited about living in an old, large city with quaint streets and a lot of history. Since I moved here nine months ago, I have gotten in several verbal confrontations with people who are just assholes, I’ve had two bikes stolen (one from my locked building), a driver almost hit my son with his car (in a crosswalk, and we were yelled at about it), I’ve literally seen people throw trash out of their cars onto the street, every inch of this city is covered in filth and roaches, there is trash EVERYWHERE on EVERY street, and my children are stuck in a hopelessly mediocre public school system…the list could go on and on. Each day I try to find something positive about philly to focus on so that I’m not just completely miserable. Today, the weather is beautiful (but the city has little control over that). After getting screamed at by some jerk during my run today, I began contemplating starting a blog called to spew my hatred to the city and I was delightfully surprised by your website. I will post occasionally to add my daily run-ins with this city of brotherly love.

Thanks for the outlet!
Sincerely –
Desperately awaiting the day I get to leave