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Nice guy

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Subject: New e mail for site…

Hello, I was reading your site. I must say that the numbers don’t lie. The Philly teams do let their fans down year after year. However, I am a Philly fan and will be until the day I die. Win, lose, or draw I’ll always cheer for my Philly teams. Of course I know they won’t “win it all” but I have fun watching them. Not to mention that I love being a Philly fan. I enjoy intimidating the fans cheering for the other teams, no matter what other people and magazines have to say about us. If those fans did what we did in their stadiums, they probably wouldn’t be walking out. I just love it.

Of course I also know that the only people who cheer for Philly teams are people from Philly. To be honest, I like it that way. Hell, we even throw snowballs at Santa.

Here To Help

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Subject: Suckage….

Great web site! I think that the local stations should not feature any of
the teams when they do their sports round ups in the news. Why reward
stinkin’ bad playing with more attention to just how awful each and every
team has been playing? I am originally from NY (rarely, if ever made to feel
welcome here), and hope to God to move outta Philly soon. At least in New
York there are expectations of excellence from their teams. In this
jerkwater town it’s pathetic, it’s always the same ol’ “there’s always next
year.” Yeah, riiiiight….and friggin’ Billy Penn is gonna come back and fix
it too.
I give you a lot of credit for having this web site. Thanks so much for
your efforts and my being able to “vent” a little.


PS-I cheer when any team beats a Philly team!

Some People Never “Get It”

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Subject: (no subject)

You guys are the most reatarded dumb asses ever. That numbers don’t lie crap is bullshit. How about putting up some recent numbers. Last year, the Eagles won the division (for the 5th time in 6 years) and won a playoff game with their backup QB. All of our sports teams have won championships before. You girls just aren’t looking at the real numbers.

Ok, the Eagles won a playoff game with their backup QB. New England won three Super Bowls with their ‘backup’

Mets fan

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Subject: Update the Website

Good afternoon Mr. Met,

I have a great idea as to how the world can rid itself of Philadelphia
Sports Fans forever…

Pass a law that states all Philadelphia sports fans can only talk smack when their teams actually show up and beat someone. As a result, all Philly fans would have to become professional mimes and the entire city’s economy would implode, thus making the world safer for women(Brett Myers) and Santa(Eagles Fans).


Not quite the same

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Subject: our response

It says here that the Philadelphia Phantoms’ championship in 2005 was something special.
My son and I were in the Wachovia Center that night.
Maybe it was the AHL and the minor leagues, but there was nothing “minor” about that night. That was a major event, and an incredible scene.
There were 20,103 screaming fans in the seats. The noise level was the same as a major sports championship.
After the Phantoms won, the fans got in their cars and blew their horns while driving up Broad Street.
Don’t tell us it didn’t matter!!

My son and I know one thing — You suck, you jackass!!

—A proud Philly fan and son

It did not matter.

Let’s Not Go There

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I doubt you will print this but here is the reason our teams stink, Our team owners have one thing in common , Religion!!! The star of David hangs over philly sports like a money sucking monster!!! Money is first and foremost for these owners, SREW the fans! I can not blame fans who give up and start supporting other teams .

Actually the Philadelphia are some of the highest payroll teams over the last decade. The problem is not being cheap, it is spending the money on the wring players, which is probably worse.


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Nice site Philly really does suck>