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just wow

From: [email protected]
Subject: (no subject)

phillies r gay haahaaah they suck shitz haahaa niggas phillies suck haahaa ahahah idk y they excist ther gay n suck lol??????????????

dem giants!!!!!!!!!!

From: [email protected]
Subject: (no subject)

hell yea fuck eagles!!! its all bout dem giants!!!!!!!!!!

hello (again)

From: [email protected]
Subject: hello

I was directed to your website by accident and couldn’t help but take a look. Where are you from and why the hatred of Philadelphia?

Please fill me in



From: [email protected]
Subject: hahahahaa

philly. i love it. devote yourself to hate a great place. jealous of the best fans in sports.

suck it


But wait… there’s more!

From: [email protected]

yo man hit me back when you can think of anything productive you’ve done that is even close to anyone on our 2008 team.

But wait… there’s more!

From: [email protected]
Subject: where you from?

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And finally…

From: [email protected]
Subject: philadelphia

yo i woke up this morning walked out of my bedroom and saw my ryan howard poster where he holding up the world series trophy and i thought about you and how now you cant talk shit on any phillies fan. we have the best fans in sports and besides the sixers we have the best teams in the nation, every year they’re competitive and they got heart. no other city represents like philadelphia, if you think any city does it like us let me know.

we were there twice

what other city is hated like us. none. so keep watchin keep hating, we love it. GO PHILLY

i’m sorry and i’m a very nice person

From: [email protected]
Subject: i’m sorry and i’m a very nice person

didn’t realise that people would take that note so seriously I’m a really nice philly sports fan though I made a huge mistake and I’m so upset I asked my mom about it she said yes you can get in trouble for it then I said to myself why am I too blame I didn’t really know I’m really sorry about doing it and I want you to know that I will never do it again I sent two death notes one I sent just to be fun I thought you would enjoy it it appears not the second time I sent it when I heard it I think on espn I deleted it right away after I sent like like a second before though I do have OCD it’s an aniexty disorder though my brain had these crazy worries but ocd might of forced me to do this
some people in the sports world might not believe it but I’ll show you it in the future

death note

From: [email protected]
Subject: death note

the day you die the day you live the gay day you see the dead the love it brings the dead brings lots of crazy people to love in the world if you kiss my brother you will die and you won’t see it and you will also disappear in death with flowers but if you don’t die you will become dead in dallas and new york with chicken nuggets and also may god rest in peace with a philly hater gee wise I don’t think so they are all dead in new york to the death in religion to respond the truth amen are arch rival fans to the sirs and promises of the lord I expect that you will get rid of and please don’t post about me and not close the site and make it worst if you do we will attack ships on your mountain of philly and destory the loves of antil philly fans and please don’t bring dallas cowboys fans to your group or we will act crazy the death of eguals death by chuck norris and his friends in new york but I don’t really know where the sister is when she called yeah! ok I see the problem she hates us but she didn’t go flying out of a building in china or japan and by the way they probally don’t even like baseball or football or basketball my love truly exists with the philly fans though I’m no bandwagoner I like basketball, football and baseball I like all the phila teams though sometimes even if it isn’t the phila teams playing I will watch the super bowl and nba finals just to see a great basketball game and football game though I really don’t just root for the great team I will just watch the game for fun not caring who will win I’m a die hard philly fan not crazy just silly and I’m very roman catholic and I believe anyone that has the guts to create philly sucks is truly a preson that hates philly and I treat it like a rumor stop rumoring philly fans because I can tell that site is a rumor I’m a very nice philly fan but I don’t take a rumor don’t take this as an insult but I’m not arrogant amen

I thought the last one was a fake until I got this one

From: [email protected]
Subject: please get rid of that site or i will pt that on the espn message boards to fight you

you heard me please get rid of it now Open-mouthed smile emoticon- if you don’t please expect philly fans to attack we will attack you I’m putting this on the message board you guys are doing down dorks like a sudden thunderstorm

philly fans have better chuck norris jokes then the world get out of here you wacko that hates philly

we also have a death message for you next