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SUCKS LETS GO METS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Visit To Phiily

From:[email protected]
Subject: Visit To Phiily

I stumbled upon your website and read;

“While sports will always be at the forefront of discussion here, there are other topics to explore. The state of the city is far from perfect (budget deficits, indicted politicians, etc.) and I am sure there are people out there who would love to contribute to that discussion. Drop me a line at [email protected] if interested in contributing.”

So I’m writing this e-mail to you after my very first visit to Philadelphia.

I’ll begin with a little history as to why I decided to visit Philly. I know everyone has a history or some BS they try to sell, but I’m just speaking plain truth here. My child (adult child) that I will refer to as “Tim” has been ill since high school. Tim is now 21 and recently was placed on an organ transplant waiting list. Tim’s life has been changed with this recent news (Jan 31 2010), and as you can imagine has not been in great spirits.

I have been watching him deteriorate both physically and emotionally, and decided I would use my tax return and take him somewhere he wanted to go. I asked Tim “where would you like to go?” He could have chosen anywhere a small $5K return would have taken us. He watches a lot of TV being sick, and wanted to go to Pat’s Steak and Geno’s to see who made the best cheese steak. He has seen them on the food networks, and with the special diet he follows has great interest in food. I reluctantly agreed to go to Philly. I would have preferred the 10 day trip to Kauai, HI that I found for $900 round trip air + hotel per person.

I tried to persuade Tim on trip to HI, but failed. So it was off to Philly for cheese steak, zoo, museums, aquarium, and not to forget he just turned 21 so casino visit was in order. Harras you guys are great, Tim had a great time. We got to Philly on Friday night around 8pm. Walked and took the subway to Geno’s and Pats. I won’t say who was better, but one clearly was. I felt comfortable walking in south Philly to Pats/Geno’s, maybe it’s just that I’m an Italian and Irish half-breed originally from Boston. I’m street smart and not timid or touristy, but I have to tell you I did not feel safe in City Center or Philly in general. What is going on guys??? Are you too soft on crime??? Having budget crisis??? Increase the law enforcement budget or something.

It was such a nice day Saturday March 5th we decided to walk from Major Hotel Chain on Market St and 18th to museum and zoo. We got only as far as Logan Square around 11am Saturday before we witnessed an assault, stabbing, and I think the guy was actually even biting his victim. I have to give you Philly guys some credit. While getting beaten, stabbed, and bitten the guy never put down his cell phone. He was talking to 911 the entire time he was being beaten. Dude, tell the 911 operator you are going to put the phone down for a moment to defend yourself. I’m not sure what to make of Philly. We were constantly approached by, derelicts, panhandlers, and just sketchy crack head looking dudes. This took place both during daylight and evening hours. These douche bags seem to all use similar techniques. They approach and ask for directions. Then if you can’t tell them were to go, they have confirmed that you are out of town and prime for victimization. I also became aware that as soon as you take you cell phone out and use GPS for directions they descend on you like flies on shit. Keep the cell phones holstered. It wasn’t just out of town people being hassled, because I noticed the locals were very cautious and always looking over their shoulders too. I read that City Center is safe but I don’t think Philly has a good handle on crime.

The city does not appear to be the city of brotherly love. Philly sports are nice to talk, joke, and get excited about, but the city needs a good douching. Philly needs to work on getting some good Karma and that may help your sports teams. I wish Tim had a better time.