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Philly DOES suck!!

From: [email protected]
Subject: Philly DOES suck!!

I’m here visiting for the first time ever for a conference.
I’ve only been here half a day and I can’t wait to get out of this shithole.
It’s 3:30am and I’m wide awake at the downtown sheraton because
Classless ill mannered maggots have been slamming doors, screaming,and running up and down the hall all night. One does the obvious and call down to the Front desk but no one answered. There are smudges, streaks and smears
all owner the doors to the front lobby and elevators. Have these people ever Heard of windex?

What a fucking dump this city!! On the way home from dinner people in the
street were taunting and sophomoric. A guy in the street was so high out of his mind
that he laid down in the street and covered himself with his bike. I would not
Doubt it if he was dead!

I have to be here four days, FUCK!

I’m never coming back here!


From: [email protected]
Subject: Hi

Hi I wanted to speak my mind on philly sucks I like the web it’s nice and I’m glad I’m not alone. I love Philadelphia but over the years I have seen how we are losing value in each other every day. We are more concerned with materialism than each other. There’s no unity, love, our morals are gone. The education system is bad the higher education here cost alot for nothing. Our water is dirty got all kinds of chemicals that the mayor don’t even want to fight to keep our city cleaned. There is flouride in our water the other flouride which is sodium flouride that causes all kinds of diseases that health professionals here are making a living off of us being sick and having bad dental issues or other issues caused by this chemical called flouride. There is no independence here no more jobs are gone that’s why people are signing up for free handouts. We need a make over until then I see myself living in a clean environment.