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Fuck Philly right in the ass with the large end of the Liberty Bell

From: [email protected]
Subject: Fuck Philly right in the ass with the large end of the Liberty Bell


After coming across this site, I was happy to discover that I’m not the only who despises Killadelphia. I moved to this shitbox of a city for a job four years ago and honestly, I’m done. I’m looking for a new job and getting out of this cesspool before I turn in to one of these whitetrash cheese steak-munching fuck sticks in a XXXXL Eagles hoodie.

This city is devoid of culture, manners and any desire to better itself. Everyone living here could have rickets and foot growing out of their asshole and they wouldn’t care. As long as (Philly sports team of the season) is winning it’s all ok. I was as at a Phillies game once and during a rain delay they showed the arena football championships on the big screen. The Philadelphia Soul won the championship and the entire fucking stadium explodes screaming “World Champions! World Champions!”. Three days later I saw a billboard for the Philly Soul advertising SEASON tickets for $49. Are you fucking kidding me?

Fuck the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, 76ers and every douchebag in a jersey that can’t stop booing like a crybaby every time they lose a game.

In the past four years, I’ve stepped in human shit on the street, been hit by a drunk cab driver and had a dude start pissing in the same urinal as me at a bar. This city sucks so bad that it’s cops literally once dropped a bomb on some of its citizens. All I have to say is that they should have used a bigger bomb.

Philly is the city where hope goes to get gang raped behind Geno’s Steaks. And speaking of the illustrious cheese steak. Hey Philadelphia, it’s cheese and steak on bread…not the goddamn Mona Lisa. Get over your fucking selves.

If North Korea wants to shoot missiles at the U.S., I hope they aim for Philly.