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Site is awesome

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Subject: (no subject)

haha…this site is awesome


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Subject: a-hole

To whoever you are,

You come across as some asshole New York or Jersey fan, but aside from that, you are 100% RIGHT!!!!!!! I am so sorry I was born in this rotten city. THE best fans with THE worst luck. I`d like to know what city you originate from, I`d like to defect, except Cleveland. You probably took a beating at an Eagles or Flyers game, right?

Angry Philly guy.

Philly (Filthadelphia) Sucks And Always Did

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Subject: Philly (Filthadelphia) Sucks And Always Did

I love to see philly fans get their hopes up only to have them crushed. It is so nice to have piece and quiet since the demise of the McNabb/TO era. No more cocky philly fans talking with their broken south philly ignorant slang. The main difference between DALLAS Fans and eagles fans is; Dallas fans are always supportive of their team, whereas eagles fans have already switched to hockey. To all the eagles fans out there “just sit down and shut the f___K up, until you get to the big dance and WIN (notice I said Win) just shut the f__K up!. Did you know philly is the only team in the NFC East that has not won a superbowl.


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Subject: DIE EAGLES DIE!!!

What a glorious morning here in the greater Philadelphia area! While I did not have the chance to wear my Giants Jersey home to Philly last night, in celebration of my Giants beating the Birds and ending their hopes of winning the division, I can still hear that glorious sound of silence all around. Hear it? That’s the sound of every Eagles fan quietly packing up their Eagles gear to move over to the Wacko Center for hockey season. Silence. DIE EAGLES DIE, ON THE ROAD TO MISERY!!!

Yes indeed they always will suck!

From: [email protected]
Subject: Yes indeed they always will suck!

Great site, glad I found it. Sent it off to my cronies. This is the best display of truth about Philthy as there is! I hope this pisses the homers off badly! Let them know how much that shithole of a city sucks and their teams. They will never win anything with a fan base that ignorant or stupid. Homers of Philthy “You ALL Suck!”. Have a nice DAY!

Fuck You Cum Guzzler

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Subject: Fuck You Cum Guzzler

You stupid fuck. Did your mom lots of crack and fuck her brother when she was pregnant? Bring your retarded ass to a game at the Linc and talk that shit. I’ll personally beat your fucking brains out. Sure McNabb sucks but dont blame it on the Team dickhead. Do the world a favor and kill yourself you fuck.


From: [email protected]
Subject: Retorts


Love the site. But, your retorts to the e-mails are classic wit in action. I went to show my friend who flew in from Denver for the Giants Eagles game and was disappointed when I the scary vagina references were no longer part of the hate e-mails. You definitely have talent my friend. please showcase it by resuming the snappy comebacks. By the way, love the Tool reference.