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Go Pittsburgh!

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simply put, pittsburgh fans are the shit! we are more loyal than philthadelphia and we show our support! everyone is going to bring up this losing season, whoop-de-freakin-doo! the thing is that our games are still sold out!

now mcnabb is hurt and that will be the reaon the fans say the miss the playoffs again! this is the one city i’ve been to that you actually get cited for an open containeers, which means your from pittsburgh, lets ticket you. this also shows that they want to inflict pain on us like they have all the time with losing seasons.

philly does suck and this s now my homepage so i can laugh at it all the time. keep up the excellent work!

How To Get Rid Of Billy King

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Subject: how to get rid of billy king

I think we should start writing letters every day until the end of the year on just how bad billy king has made this team. We need to rally as fans and send our letters to the owners just to le them know how awful billy has made this team. Its honestly amazing how bad he can be. Think about it our best off season move was signing Alan Henderson! Alan Henderson… for the sake of the sixers and philadelphia lets have billy king removed asap

Philly Haters

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Subject: philly haters

Relax there philly haters. I want to dress you all up like Santa, throw a snowball at you face, and shove a battery up your ass.

Funny website….just give us some more time….maybe we’ll eventually pull one off.

Go Philly!!

Fire Billy King

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Subject: Fire Billy King

Hey bud,

I’m with you. I say we fire Andy Reid and it’s been way pass time to fire Billy King so I started a “Fire Billy King” blog – for you to check out if you want. I’m not focusing it on firing King, but I do want to point out the devestation he’s caused the Sixers every chance I get.

Check it out, link to it if you want, do whatever.

Eagles Suck, Dallas Great

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The Dallas Cowboys are truely the greatest organization professional sports has ever seen, cleary, Stauback, Aikman, Emmit, Dorsett. are some of the finest figures ever seen. I love Romo, he is alreay setting records, with 5TDS, tieing Aikman’s record, becoming the first dallas QB, to do it on Thanksgiving. We are cleary set for a Super Bowl run, with Romo, T.O., Glenn, and our great 2 back running game mechine. We are the best team in the NFC clearly, the Bears are one-demensional and really GAY!

As far as why i love this site, those gay Eagles back in PHILLY crying over their QB situation, i say good for em. McNabb SUCKS, i’m glad he is hert, he’s a fat loser, screw him, and the EAGLES organization. Especially their FAT Coach, maybe he should eat him self to death, cause his misery, and the fact he knows damn well his should be in question. Straight up the Eagles SUCK, always have, always will, who signs on the dotted line with the IGLES, knows they are turning their soul over towards complete gayness, for lack of a better word




They Eat Ass

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Hey man, great site. I saw it a few years ago when I was stationed in VA with the Marines. Now I’m back home, in Delaware County, and I watch every day as my dreams of a parade are washed down the toilet. Just a few years ago, it seemed all the teams were getting close. Tonight the Flyers lost 5-2 to the Penguins. They eat ass. Yesterday the Eagles future became the same as their past when the franchise died with the snap of McNabb’s ACL. The Sixers I’m not even gonna talk about. The Phillies, congrats to Ryan Howard, but the ownership group has commited themselves to a “competitive team.” To me, that means spend just enough money to keep them close, and keep the seats full. Exactly what they’ve done the past few years. Just good enough to keep us watching, but not good enough to ever make it. Today Alfonso Soriano signed with the Cubs, and it would appear that the Phils’ rumored offered wasn’t even close to what he signed for. All this publicity about trying to sign a big free agent, in my mind, was just another ploy to sell season tickets, and I don’t believe they were ever serious. Well, I’ve had enough. I’ve spent nearly my entire life watching bad teams. I’m working on an idea for a Philly Sports Boycott. Not because I hate these teams but because I love them, and I’m tired of spending my hard earned money and precious time watching them flounder. I’m trying to build a website and drum up some support. Once I get everything off the ground, I’ll let you know, and if you like it, maybe you could help me spread the word.


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Subject: phillysux

I agree with you 100% philly is the shittiest place ever. Thank god i live in Pittsburgh. The sports teams are an embarrasment to pro sports. I hate the flyers and Simon Gange is just a peice of shit from Phillys sewers.