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From: [email protected]
Subject: Clever!

CLEVER! OOps! I meant to type cleaver instead. Actually, being an Eagles fan, I can’t spell. Your site made me laugh in an appreciative way. You made me laugh at my woes. Gotta go, the couch awaits, and I need to put my teeth in.


From: [email protected]
Subject: eagles

you are the biggest faggot on the face of the planet. you probaly like the redskins the second largest group of faggots on the face of the planet. you will suffer and die a slow death, in fact if i ever find you i will kill you myself, you are a cock sucking confederate, you piece of mucus filled dogshit, chocolate pickle kisser, i hope you contract gohnerria, and your dick falls off, one day you will realize that your website is gay and i only found it bye accident….. Die

great site

From: [email protected]
Subject: great site

The difference between Linda Lovelace (from Deep Throat fame) and the Philadelphia Eagles is they both might blow a few now and then but at least Linda doesn’t choke on the big ones.

Fantastic Site!

From: [email protected]
Subject: Fantastic Site!

All Eagles fans should contract the Avian Flu.

what is wrong with you

From: [email protected]
Subject: what is wrong with you

why would you rip on people that don’t like the philles?

you made the site to get anti-Philly fans to post shit about them. what’s the point for posting shit about people that don’t talk to you?

“Note”: why do you make a site for people to post reasons why philly sucks and then make fun of people for making fun of philly? what were you thinking…..

You fucking suck

From: [email protected]
Subject: You fucking suck

I think it is actually you that suck. I dont believe you are from Philadelphia. You may live there but you didn’t grow up there. People from Philadelphia are passionate and love their team, you are pathetic and are a disgrace. I wish you would carry around this countdown at an Eagles tailgate, see how that goes… anyway I hate you… die


From: [email protected]
Subject: asswipe!!!

You should get a life, if thats all you worry about. You fucking loser. I bet the only vagina you saw was your mother’s!!!