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Pittsburgh is better!

Three messages in a row. No body, just the message in the subject line.

From: [email protected]
Subject: Pittsburgh is better!

From: [email protected]
Subject: I hope the steelers crush the eagles if they make it to the super bowl! Their cheerleaders are so ugly that they scare the pubic hairs off of frankenstein’s great grandmother!

From: [email protected]
Subject: Filthadelphians stink! Pittsburgers have class! LET’S GO PENS! screw the flyers!

I hate this fucking city

From: [email protected]
Subject: I hate this fucking city

Let me reiterate…I hate this fucking city! There is not one good thing about it. The mayor and everyone on his staff are complete idiots with nothing more to do other than find ways to fuck the citizens out of their minimum wage paychecks. That’s most likely the reason the city is a complete shithole….no one has money left to spend…they are too busy paying for bullshit parking tickets.

The worst is the fucking Parking Authority, I swear they are a bunch of uneducated, low life, no ambition, illiterate, jerkoff, crackhead losers! I bet everyone of those pathetic losers still live in the basement of their parents roach motel. Have you ever seen one PPA( Phila Phucking Assholes) loser that actually looks like they could run more than a few feet before collapsing from being the disgusting, out of shape, pathetic, fat body losers they are?…probably not. I saw one particular PPA (Phila Phucking Asshole) loser that looked like he just fell out of the corner bar. This fucking douchebag must have been 70 years old, he could barely walk but, god damn he could aim his little dick stick at your car to get a reading and with the best of them place a printed ticket inside an envelope and place it under your windshield wiper. I guess that is why they use printed tickets…none of those illiterates can spell basic words like; date, time, location, and color. You’re the best Phila!….only the cream of the crop work for the PPA( Phila Phucking Assholes).

Boy, that is something to be proud of isn’t it? To tell their grandchildren while sitting, smoking crack in the basement of their parents roach motel that their truly awesome professional high salary career was nothing more than being a pathetic Meter Maid for the PPA( Phila Phucking Assholes) because they had no motivation to rise higher than a minimum wage job that offered no advancement, no satisfaction, and no respect. I wonder if you even need a high school diploma to qualify for that pathetic job. I couldn’t live with myself knowing I fucked my fellow citizens out of their hard earned cash…..I wonder if the mayor does?…probably not, he’s another asshole. I am so glad I do not live in that shithole any longer, best thing I ever did was get the fuck out of that shithole!!!!!

I wonder what their grandchildren would say?……gee grandpa/grandma….you are an Asshole for a city that fucks their citizens as well as visitors out of their money……give me a hit of that crack pipe so I can get the fuck outta here……you’re a pathetic loser. I disown you, fuck off and die.

I bet the director of the PPA ( Phila Phucking Assholes) gets a blow job by the mayor if they have an extra good week fucking the citizens and visitors out of their money.

Phila….you are truly the worst city I’ve ever had to experience. I don’t even tell people I lived in that shithole.
One of the worst areas is the Bridesburg section….should call it Shitburg instead. Best bet would be to nuke the city and maybe in two thousand years something good could come from it but, I doubt it.

To all you PPA ( Phila Phucking Assholes) losers. Be comforted with the fact that I will applaud and cheer with great happiness if I ever hear that one of you got your pathetic ass horribly beaten by someone you gave a ticket to.

I’ve been telling everyone I meet to never set foot in this fucking shithole city. I travel a lot so I get to meet real, educated, honest, respectful, career driven, and levelheaded people. The first thing I tell them is to never go to Phila because you will get fucked by the city more than you would anywhere else in the country. I tell them how it’s run down, falling apart, most of the people are idiots and are classless morons. The infrastructure is the worst…the city turns a blind eye to the real problems and concentrates on how to fuck their citizens and visitors by overcharging for parking, food, sporting events, concerts, historical sites and the such. This city does not know how to be a destination that people want to remember or return to.

Did I mention how much I hate this fucking city?