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Little Late For This One.

From: [email protected]
Subject: Phils Suck

Thanks for the website! Philly sucks forever!

Love the Site!

From: [email protected]
Subject: Love the Site!

Fantastic! I have to admit, I don’t have an issue with the Phillies, Flyers, or 76ers, but I HATE AND DESPISE the e-GALS and more importantly their fans. Keep up the great work. I love the hate mails. Later!…Chris


From: [email protected]

As I sit here watching the Nationals Phillies game and seeing that my Mets have to now depend on the Nationals I come to the realization that the phillies absolutely suck!!! If they end up clinching the east this year it is only because the Mets Pitching blew it and not because the Phillies are a good team. Their offense is a pimple on the ASS of the mets offense. LOL Phillies truly suck!

Phillies Won The World Series

From: [email protected]
Subject: Phillies won the World Series

Shut down this sit now Philiies has just won the world Series so Philly doesn’t suck they won THE WORLD SERIES.


From: [email protected]
Subject: (no subject)

Lol your just a hater…the reason you have this website is cause your a fat fuck…look at your jerseys….XXXXXXXL you fat fuck put the cheese steaks down and go play a fucking sport and stop bitching about the pros cause your fat fuckin ass is a bitch…Go birds…E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!

First, the jerseys are 2x. Nice and loose so I can wear layers underneath.

Second, say what you want. You are the one identifying yourself as monkyjuice172003. You put that on your resume?


From: [email protected]
Subject: “Yawn”

Wow. It must be realllllllly boring where you live that you have to spend all your non-masterbating time on this website. What, didn’t your Mom breast feed you? Daddy didn’t take you to a baseball game when you were 8? Tired of pulling the wings off of flies? What’s your malfunction?
You must be a “frontrunner” fan. (Which isn’t really a fan at all) You probably root for a team 1000 miles away from that rat hole you call a home. Pathetic. Take your shots. Perhaps it makes your wretched life seem worthwhile. In the final analysis… you and your wet dream of a web site matter not.

E – A – G- L- E – S


From: [email protected]
Subject: (no subject)

LOL….in doing a search for fun, I types “Eagles Suck” and your page came up!!! I tried to be a fan but due to events between the ending of last year and McNabbs most recent comment……………I TOTALY AGREE! “It’s a Black thing!” Now a Pittsburgh Fan! But I will keep up on your page! LOL……Thanks for the added humor!