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I Like It

From: [email protected]
Subject: Phillies suck

I like what your website it makes me laugh when i look at the counter of how long its been since the horrible phillies have won a chapionship. I was wondering what are your favorite sports teams. thanks.

For fuck’s sake

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Subject: For fuck’s sake

How many times do you run straight into the middle of the Bear’s line with 1st and goal? Does he have a fucking playbook?

New Eagles Jersey

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Subject: Eagles Jersey

My new custom Eagles jersey (attached)…
no superbowls

Oh DeSean

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Subject: Oh DeSean

Oh Boy. Sitting here watching the SNF game and just saw DeSean’s awesome “catch” on the punt. I nearly pissed myself laughing at it.

Yawn, the Sillies in the playoffs

From: [email protected]
Subject: Yawn, the Sillies in the playoffs

Well, Philthy haters, one again we are treated to yet again another futile attempt by the shit eaters to win the World Series. With a team as pathetic as the Sillies, it will be a short lived moment in time and just another reason for them to once again show just how hard up for a championship these ass clowns are. With a bullpen as suspect as yours, do you really think you have any chance of winning the first round? I think not. Futility is your battle cry, mediocrity your native tongue, and drunkenness is your motto. Just lose baby….
Oh and as a side note, please do not put stickers on your trucks and cars with some nonsense about “Champions” and in small print it reads underneath “Eastern Division,” it makes you look stupid, you have won NOTHING!

were in

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Subject: were in



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Subject: hahahahah

I hate your site.

But I mean its really funny seeing how many people really like freak out on your and shit.

But its even more funny when New York/ Jersey fans come on here

I love it