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From: [Email Removed]
Subject: Killadelphia

To the makers of this fine website,

Cheesesteaks and cheese fries, although delicious, are the reason this country is the fattest in the world. Thanks Philly.

On another note, the universities that situate themselves within the city limits suck almost as bad as the professionals. For example, UPenn: when was the last time you won anything? St. Joe’s: are you even a real school? How could we forget good old Temple. The suckiest of them all…being located in ghettoville, USA doesn’t give you any street cred…its Pennsylvania for crying out loud. I’m actually a student at Penn State and the Philadelphians or “Killadelphians”, as they like to call themselves are about as obnoxious as they come. I’ve seen girls verbally abused for wearing anything from Giants apparel to a Golden State Warriors jersey. Seriously, Philly, it’s time to get some class and a life.

Thank you for your innovation and clear hatred of all things Philly.