End of the World Clock

Darren Daulton has finally gone off the deep end.

Darren Daulton has finally gone off the deep end saying he can not only see the world in the 4th and 5th dimensions, he knows when the world will come to an end! I won’t be worried until about the day before this clock expires.

8/14/07: Daulton spoke with Comcast SportsNet and adds more to the legend. Astral time traveling, talking to lizards (which by the way is no big deal apparently, and more.

2010-present: Daulton is back in town working the Phillies game for radio and tv. No more talk of this end of world stuff. Boo!

2012: We passed the end of world and we are still here.

2013: Darren was diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment. No one deserves to get cancer. Hopefully he beats it. Good luck to him!