Philadelphia will never win doesn’t deserve to win a major championship again! This is the theme here.

This blog was created to post the hate emails I receive for running phillysucks.com.

Even though the Phillies won in 2008, I am amazed that I still receive email about this. If you took 5 five minutes to read what the site was really about, you would understand the purpose. Use Google. This site has been written about many times. Learn something.

The site has been updated to reflect what the Phillies have done. However, there are still 3 other teams that have not won a championship in 25 years and that is relevant to many people.

The site will stay online as long as I feel like updating it.

Why does it have to end because the Phillies won in 2008? The history of sports teams in this town is not very glamorous and one championship does not erase a ton of bad history.